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My Dog

My dog has been stolen, oh no, I haven’t got one, I’m fantasising again.

I made a fortune from my pen.

There I go again.

I cannot live without fantasy, it means a lot to me.

Its better than life you see.

I actually do things, I don’t depose kings.

I look forward to a visit, but will they come at all?

I might as well be talking to the wall.

Humpty Dumpty had a fall.

God bless us all.

Will my dog come when I call?

Tich Ennis

Sunday, 26th July, 2020

Not Perfect

I’m not perfect unfortunately no.

If I was would I tell you so?

I have a way to go.

Perfection is my aim.

Life my game.

We are all more or less the same.

I strive while I am alive.

God is giving me some time.

Oh yes you too.

The Devil is the master of confusion and delusion.

Let me not be a fool.

In life’s school.

The golden rule.

May my aim be true.

And you.

I love you too.

Tich Ennis

Saturday, 11th July, 2020

Noise 2

When there is a war on don’t complain about the noise.

Bullets sort out the men from the boys.

If you insist stay at home when your house is on fire.

Watch the flames go higher.

In real life some man in Dublin stayed eating his steak in a restaurant when it was on fire, the firemen had to drag him out.

When someone saves your life, don’t shout.

There is a war against disease going on.

Will you be around when its gone?

Must I spell it out?

When in danger look out.

Stupidity kills, use your brain.

Does thinking cause you pain?

Tich Ennis

Saturday, 20th June, 2020

Teacher’s Pet

A person with a pretty face can be a teacher’s pet, what kind of teacher is that, one you have met?

Of course a person with a pretty face can play up if they’re so inclined.

In boys’ schools they are called suck ups, do you mind?

With good teachers that never works, they put education first.

At all stages of life you meet the best and worst.

Tich Ennis

Saturday, 30th May, 2020

Chance 2

Will I give the world a chance with my dance?

Including France.

Why not, they might join in.


The Earth may spin.

That we know.

Give it a go.

Quick, quick, slow.

A time for all time.

Poetry and rhyme.


Girl and boy.

And all.

Come to the ball.

Life is a dancehall.

Tich Ennis

Thursday, 7th May, 2020

Age Crime

I have committed the crime of being over seventy years old.

Should this lamb return to the fold?

Mutton dressed as lamb is false pretences.

Who writes my sentences?

For my crime I’m under house arrest.

Nelson Mandela did it best.

I’ve had a long life, what about the rest?

Life is best.

Tich Ennis

Sunday, 29th March, 2020

Advance Obituary

So I am past tense.

My legacy is immense.

Sitting on the fence.

It is as well to be prepared so I address these words to you.

So in the future you know what to do.

Basically, live your life, let go.

You learned to walk and talk you know.

If you do nothing nothing happens, nothing at all.

Play handball against the wall.

When I die don’t pity me.

Look after yourself you see.

And those you love who should be all.

Nothing else matters, nothing at all.

That’s all.

Tich Ennis

Saturday, 28th March, 2020

This Virus

Its contagious, catching, most people who get it do not die.

Don’t panic, panic kills, don’t ask why.

Life is a sure thing killer, its catching too.

Who caught it, you.

Me too.

Does that mean we should be afraid?

Say a virgin or a maid?

I don’t know, being male.

Pregnancy would make me pale.

Ok I don’t take things seriously.

You may be morbid, not me.

Tich Ennis

Tuesday, 25th February, 2020

More 3

Do I go too far for you, being true?

I have more to go, you know.

You waited for me long enough, when I come you don’t like my stuff.

With certain exceptions who are exceptional.

Everybody’s pal.

I go on until the end, my friend.

Call me round the bend.

Truth is the cure.

I am unpure.

Ok, second best.

What do you think of the rest?

Its an ongoing evolving thing.

Like the seasons, here comes Spring.

I myself evolve.

Earth, revolve.

Life is a test.

Choose best.

I am not the real one, I choose real.

As I said before, for God’s sake feel.

For each other, planet Earth, your home and mine.

Love comes at a cost, pay the fine.

The price is you.

Being true.

I try.

Before I die.

It becomes clearer every day.

This is not the way.

It pains me to say.

Truth never goes away.

That’s all, I have my life to lead, my mouth to feed.

Need not greed.

Tich Ennis

Tuesday, 18th February, 2020

Falling Star

Would it hurt your brain if I explain?

Cause you pain?

You don’t want to know I know.

A look comes on your face, disgrace.

Oh well, go to Hell, spoil your life, not mine please.

Big freeze.

You are so sure of your manure.

It suits you to be as you are.

So suit yourself, falling star.

You are more than one or two.

I am not you.



Love ender.

Tich Ennis

Saturday, 15th February, 2020