Monthly Archives: September 2018

Worthy Of You

So I may die sometime, will I ever say or do anything worthy of you?

I may not live to see it, I may be in the past, will I speak the truth at last?

Better sometime than never, I’ve been waiting for forever.

I wait for someone else, but no, no one does it, so me so.

Will I say it, tell it, show it?

First of all I have to know it.

Inside myself and inside you is everything and all that’s true.

If I don’t do it why don’t you?

Tich Ennis

28th September, 2018


I see the horizon and the sea.

Who will come there with me?

What lies beyond, what is my goal?

Beneath the sea are fish, a shoal.

Let us put up sail, you and I.

Sail to where the horizon meets the sky.

Don’t ask why.

Something calls me, calling you.

The sea and sky are blue.

Let us draw a line.

In time.

Welcome horizon, welcome sea and sky.

You are you and I am I.

I am a dot.

Nothing I am not.

You’re all I’ve got.

Thanks a lot.

Tich Ennis

25th September, 2018

To A Friend

I can’t ring you because I left my phone at home.

So I write this poem.

You’re always busy, often in pain.

How do you stand the strain?

My problems are not yours but I have some.

My main problem is myself, and then some.

Lack of money is just one thing.

When I get home I’ll give you a ring.

Tich Ennis

22nd September, 2018


Trapped in a material world my spirit yearns to be free.

How do I play this violin that is me?

Or sometimes maybe I’m a saxophone, I loved rock’n’roll, leave me alone.

The meaning of music, what can words say?

To explain would take more than a day.

Or maybe more than life.

I raise my bow, end eternal strife.

Music flows.

God knows.

Naked without clothes.

The truth stands naked without cover up.

The world replies, shut up.

Must all be explained to those with eyes wide shut?

Can Tiger Woods do a putt?

Yes, it appears, but why, why, why?

Shall mind and heart be one before I die?

Call me fed up, call me naïve.

I believe.

Tich Ennis

21st September, 2018

Fooling People

A man told me PR is misunderstood.

He was a PR man, was he good?

If a missile site is planned for next door to you you become a target too.

What to do?

A PR man will tell you its alright, sleep at night.

Here come the bombs, look the other way, have a nice day.

Does the big lie always work, are you taken in?

Mr. Confusion whispers in your ear, the truth is a sin.

Or so he says, who are you to believe?

Not the man whose job is to deceive.

Tich Ennis

20th September, 2018


Its worth trying something even if it fails.

Why? Ask prisoners in jails.

They will be glad to tell you, they tried and failed.

That’s why they’re jailed.

What is failure, what is success?

Part of life, more or less.

You can’t win all the time, that’s for sure.

Your life is your test, endure.

My best friend died, he said he wanted to leave nothing behind.

He left me, never mind.

I want to bring one thing, hope.

I am an immortal dope.

Tich Ennis

19th September, 2018


If I make money from audio recordings, which is a moot point, should I try to make more from spread betting, as I did before?

One depends on the other because spread betting companies require a copy of a person’s bank statement before allowing them to place a bet, and my statement now is more or less a round number, zero. But it would not be if ifs were ifs and I made money as a recording or audio book star, unlikely because one recording is barely started and the other one has not been put up for sale by technologically illiterate me.

A person, spread better or otherwise, should prepare for all eventualities. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. (Politicians please note). Why would I want more money if I had enough? Much wants more, they say. I’m not really a singer. Don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret. So is my existence. To all but a few.

I am not a fan of pointless activity, nor often of any kind of activity. Therefore, probably no spread betting. I only won once but I did it well and do know how, now. I learned about life the hard way. (This is my mind meandering).

I came last in races at school and was told I could not sing but was the best reader in the class. So I was told. So I have or had saving graces. If I do my best and nothing happens that would not be unprecedented. If I do less than my best, what then? Do everything a hundred per cent or not at all. Half hearted efforts get you nowhere. Its all the way or nowhere, baby. Pep talk to myself.

Not being a fortune teller I can’t tell the future. About myself particularly. If a person wants to do something they do it, otherwise its just talk. Which, God knows, there’s too much of. I am a poet, but you don’t get rich writing poetry. (What about John Betjeman and Ogden Nash? Were they exceptions?)

Do I want to be rich? No. Do I like being poor? I put up with it. Is there any point in anything? Yes. Or so I would like to prove. Watch this space.

Tich Ennis

17th September, 2018

The Abyss

I dwell in the abyss, is it of my own making?

Love is there for taking.

It has been said love is giving.

Am I living?

I must give and give and give.

Then, only then, I live.

Life is real, life is hard, its not so bad when you try.

Try before you die.

Or live a lie.

I talk to me, I talk to you.

To be is to do.

That’s telling you.

Me too.

Tich Ennis

15th September, 2018


I delay over a cup of coffee or a pint or a kiss.

I’m in no hurry when I’m experiencing bliss.

Delay seems to be a habit of mine.

Slowly I drink wine.

I admit I prevaricate and procrastinate.

In other words delay, if you want something from me, wait.

I admit I disappoint myself, I am not proud.

Will I do anything before I wear a shroud?

Tich Ennis

12th September, 2018

Single Parent

I am a single parent of a problem child.

His name is Jesus Christ, should he be crucified?

He talks of love and truth and all that stuff.

All guff.

Have we had enough?

Christianity, he came back to say, has not failed, it has not been tried.

Ask someone who committed sucicide.

Who says he lied?

Tich Ennis

12th September, 2018