I’m going to save the world, when I get round to it, when I feel like it.  To some extent I was the same with girls.  I could have been described as a time waster, and often was.  I wasted time productively.  And still do, and still am.  As now, in these words.  I wasted girls’ time, enjoyably to me, sometimes to them.  Or so they said, some of them.  For a while, anyway.

Will you never get down to it, they might have said.  Sometimes I did nothing, a lot of nothing.  At other times I was a ball of fire.  I left nothing to the imagination.  When I felt like it.  So, I can do it.  It can be done.  I speak not only of girls here, I did a lot of nothing in real life too.  And still do.  Although I was never a civil servant or in state employment of any kind.  That would be going too far, even for me.  I may have been paid for doing nothing, or not much, but I didn’t want to make a career out of it.

I have standards, they’re not very high, but I have standards.  And I quote.  Some young guy who has more get up and go than me.  My get up and go went, but not completely.  I have my dreams.  Dreams can come true.  Such as saving the world, when I get around to it.  May I say it is not a case of if, but when?  Yes, I can say that.  But do I mean it?

The trouble with girls, as I may have said but certainly thought, is they think you mean it.  I do and did mean it while it was going on, no one means kisses more than me.  I have even been complimented in that regard.  But the future?  Is that an implied part of the contract?  I love now, the future can take care of itself, or go to Hell as far a I am concerned.  That is  more or less my attitude.  We can’t live in the future, though it is something to look forward to.  There is no time like the present.

Tomorrow is another day, another girl, I mean would I actually have to go so far as to make a phone call?  For what?  Although I would be unfair to myself to say I never actually did anything.  It may have seemed to be the case that I never cared about anything, but that would not be true, I did.  I loved girls, books, music, friends, a good time, anything well said,  a joke, humour of the good variety.  Cigarettes and whiskey have their place in the pantheon.  Also, lots more.  Scenery.  Enjoyment.  I enjoyed enjoyment.  I speak in the past tense, but I am still alive, although not exactly kicking.

So, saving the world.  When will I get around to it?  When I feel like it.

In God’s good time.

Tich Ennis

23rd May, 2016