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Last Joke

People don’t like my serious stuff, it’s a matter of life or death.

Must I joke with my last breath?

Life is a joke, don’t take it seriously.

Drunks speak the truth deliriously.

This may be gibberish.

Translate it into Yiddish.

That will keep you off the streets, out of harms way.

I can’t think of anything else to say.

Tich Ennis

28th March, 2019



If your schooldays are the happiest of your life then the rest must be crap.

Actually its not, barring a mishap.

Its nice to be treated as a human being, can you believe without seeing?

A bit of mysticism there, can you see air?

If I had my life to live over I’d make all the same mistakes again.

Otherwise it would not be a repeat, I will get sense when?

Make hay while the sun shines and kiss her when you can.

As you grow from boy to man.

I may not be the best role model, I say life is to enjoy.

How often did I take advice when I was a boy?

Tich Ennis

26th March, 2019


Have all my thoughts been thought before?

As long as there is life may I have more.

If thought before are my thoughts second hand?

Glen Miller was killed with his band.

Is nothing ever new, me or you?

Possibly no one said it before the same way.

I state the obvious, that’s why I’m here today.

I say what everybody knows but is ignored.

I am a fool who does not like being bored.

I know nothing you don’t know.

May I say I told you so?

Why people pretend not to know is another question.

I am open to suggestion.

Tich Ennis

10th March, 2019


Actually means in fact as apart from fantasy.

I know people use words as if they mean nothing, I don’t.

And won’t.

I love simplicity.

That’s me.

Should I write a dictionary?

Wait and see.

Yes, words have meaning.

Stop dreaming.

Wake up.

Drink the truthful cup.

Or shut up.

Wise up.

I don’t wish this to be interpreted as if there is no place for fun and games, they are necessary to life.

I apply my surgeon’s knife.

Long live meaning, long live true.

Long live you.

Me too.

Mean what you say.

Good day.

I go away.

The memory lingers on.

I’m gone.

Tich Ennis

2nd March, 2019

Explaining My Madness

I don’t do that sort of thing and I won’t start now.

What is madness anyhow?

A way of dealing with things and life.

Its all too much for you, get a wife.

Inflict yourself on her, she has illusions too.

She believes in you.

You don’t believe in anything or anyone.

You let it all hang out under the Sun.

This is not me at all, that’s you.

At least I know one and one makes two.

People like you rule the Earth I know.

I won’t pay to see your holy show.

Your madness is my thing, I’m sane.

You give me a pain.

Why be proud of being mad?

Do you blame your dad?

Since when is anyone but you responsible for what you do?

I’m sorry to disillusion you.

Who are you, Frankenstein?

God knows why you’re popular, your madness is not mine.

Who’s life is an ego trip?

When did you flip?

Are you hip and cool?

You seem to me a fool.

I live and die, those things are real.

Far from your fantasy, self worshipper from head to heel.

This may or may not explain me.

I say what I see.

Putting up with each other comes at a cost.

Must the world belong to the damned and lost?

A still small voice says be true.

It speaks to you.

Okay live on, rave on.

I must put up with you until I’m gone.

Madness rules the world I know.

I have not joined the unholy show.

Shut up for God’s sake, give the world a chance.

To dance.

I am a creature in a zoo, run by you.

I want to play from whence I came.

Do the same.

Be you for God’s sake, not a fool.

I met your like at school.

The meek shall inherit the Earth it has been said.

When I’m dead?

I am not alone, I have friends on the phone and here and there.

Ones who care and share.

But why I ask, for God’s sake why must I live in a lie?

Madness is on the increase, read the news.

Fake lies give me the blues.

Where are my blue suede shoes?

Its time to put up or shut up, so I do.

Heaven protect us from the likes of you.

At least sing a song of love.

Come, white dove.

I will say more, but not today.

I have not gone away.

If you agree with me you are not alone.

Give the dog a bone.

I need to smile for a while and sometimes do.

Goodbye to you.

Human zoo.

I speak from my cage in love and rage.

On a page.

I seek a cure.

May love endure.

And so may I.

Bye bye.

Ask why.

Must I explain the world to you?

Me too.

You are my madness too.

Under a sky of blue.

I feel I live in Hell, where is the way out?

Don’t shout.

Let love out.

Tich Ennis

21st January, 2019

Another Sunday

It comes around again. Will I go out for coffee? What then?

I have read part of the paper and listened to the news, and views.

I don’t know if I’m any wiser, if I had a wife I might surprise her.

The day is not over, there will be more paper and more radio.

When the world ends will I be the first to know?

If I’m going out for coffee I better go.

I read about a guy who’s started singing at the age of 61, that gave me pause for thought.

I made a CD, not many bought.

I am 77, starting on a career.

You might hear of me next year.

Okay coffee, here I come.

I think, ergo sum.

Tich Ennis

2nd December, 2018


Will this poem change the world for the better?

This letter.

I urgently await an answer.

Can I cure cancer?

Not without trying.

Is living dying?

I wish to wake from a bad dream.

That things are as they seem.

Don’t wake me until then, don’t wake me up.

I shut up.

That appears abrupt.

Must the world be corrupt?

I look forward to a change of course, of course.

Back to source.

Tich Ennis

26th November, 2018