How To Write

Be yourself.  You are unique, original, true.  All else is false.  Do not copy.

All great artists in whatever field  are themselves.  Hence, original.  Different. Interesting.  Never boring.  Anything but.

Writers whose work does not appeal to you may have good things to say about writing.

Maeve Binchy said when she first wrote she wrote the way she thought other people would think she should write.  When she wrote the way she spoke, it worked.  Enjoy what you write, else why should anyone else?

Hemingway used only short, simple words.  He said I know the ten dollar words, I choose not to use them.

Shaw said if you want to write comedy, tell the truth.  Nothing is funnier than the truth.

Orwell’s six tips for effective writing are good, see  on the internet.  if you can cut out a word, do.  And so on.  See for yourself.

Colette, the French writer,  said she worked very hard to make her writing seem effortless.

The more you write the better you get at it.  It’s the same as everything else.

A teacher of a creative writing class asked if you want to write why aren’t you writing? Good question.

Editing?  Cut out the bad and you’re left with the good.  Solution?  Don’t write the bad.  It never comes right the first time.  Or virtually never.

Keep trying.  Try not to try.  A paradox.  Strain shows.  If you have to force yourself to read something its badly written.  The same is true of writing, don’t force yourself. Forced writing is bad.  Wait for it to come to you.

Beware facility, its output is instantly forgettable.

Don’t repeat yourself.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Poetry is felt words.  So should all writing be.

Self consciousness is  the death of art.  And everything else.  Show  your feelings, they are you.   That’s why people don’t do it.   Except the ones worth reading.  Be brave.  Be yourself.

That’s the how.

Tich Ennis, his third blog.