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I walked the plank but was able to wrestle the crocodile in the swamp.

Rivers are damp.

A volcano exploded, I swallowed lava and spat it into Lake Como.

It melted snow.

These things happened among others.

I smothered my brothers.

Fratricide said one as he died.

A life filled with incident, that’s been said.

I brought Frankenstein back from the dead.

I did these things to relieve boredom, ennui.

Enough French from me.

Tich Ennis

31st January, 2019

Nice Guys

Never trust a nice guy, nice is fake good.

They sell you rotten wood.

Fake charm and smiles.


He is on his side, not yours.

This truth endures.

How do you know the real thing?

He never overdoes it, honesty is king.

Tich Ennis

30th January, 2019


Could I form a club of people with my form of madness whatever that might be?

I will define me.

I am somewhat unconventional in how I dress and what I say and think.

I drink.

Not to excess, my house is a mess.

I have friends, some old, some new.

I get along with people I like talking to.

I enjoy good humour, I like to laugh.

I own no guns by the way.

Just thought I’d say.

I don’t read books, I did when I was young.

I ordered one the other day, once in a foreign tongue.

This description is going nowhere fast.

In some things I come in last.

My money barely lasts a week.

In that I’m not unique.

I plan to learn guitar.

I have not started so have not got far.

I am the sum of my experiences up to now.

The future takes care of itself anyhow.

It has till now.

I am not defined by what I’m not but what I am.

I use worse words than damn.

My club may have only one member, me.

My motto is I’ll wait and see.

Sometimes I get things done.

I am more or less like everyone.

I don’t like being in a hurry.

I almost never worry.

I notice clique and niches form around strange ones, like minded people say they’re great.

That is not my fate.

Nothing much happens, all human life is there.

It’s a mixum gatherum, my club, everyone is there.

My soul laid bare.

To describe a person takes eternity.

This will do for now, that’s all from me.

Tich Ennis

30th January, 2019


Will my personality survive, cryogenically or otherwise?

Yours too, although I don’t know you.

The survival instinct is strong, I’ve had it all along.

Is there anything I can do to preserve me and you?

Forever and a day, come what may.

Alchemy, black magic, holistic therapies, must you believe in things like these?

How great a loss would it be if I disappeared without trace?

Get that smile off your face.

I mean a lot to me, that’s my point you see.

On that you and I agree.

I ask a question, I give no answer.

I set the exam, you are the chancer.

All questions must be attempted.

You are not exempted.

You might produce a clean sheet.

At least that’s neat.

Tich Ennis

29th January, 2019


Only a pedant would criticise a spelling error.

So I misspelled reign of terror.

Who are you to criticise, can you spell potato?

A U.S. presidential hopeful could not, you know.

I can spell, even a word like psychiatrist.

Sometimes I have to think a bit, I shot, I missed.

Must I be right about everything, are you?

At least I know what things mean, homonyms too.

Tich Ennis

29th January, 2019

Mad 2

What makes people go mad?

Pressures of life.

Some worry, some do not.

I don’t worry a lot.

Very little I would say.

Worries, go away.

Is it the sensitive who break down?

We are all sensitive, you clown.

Two people are brought up the same, one goes mad and one is sane.

The mad one cannot stand the pain.

Basically I more or less don’t care.

My sanity is there.

Someone said the world is mad, that’s right.

Don’t give up without a fight.

Never give up I would say.

That’s all for today.

Tich Ennis

28th January, 2019