Getting To Know You

It appears to me in the modern age if anyone wishes to publicise whatever they must first familiarise themselves with social media, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Blogging, maybe a website, the nuts and bolts of those.  Put up content, caring greatly about presentation.  As a brother of mine, now deceased said, the form is part of the information.  As has been said elsewhere, content is king.

Next, link those platforms together.

Then set about publicising their existence.

This is the order in which I intend to proceed.

Starting as a tabula rasa, a blank canvas, in all those regards.  Every artist his own agent!

Salesmanship is not my forte.  Even less so, technology.

I am a singing poet.  Who will buy my wares?  No one, if no one knows they’re there.

I and my work exist, I assure you.

See and hear on YouTube,

Tich Ennis