I am an ancient mariner, but that’s a different story. A different kettle of fish altogether.

The story I am about to relate has nothing whatsoever to do with seafaring, anchors, mermaids or porpoises.   It is a whale of a story, and fishy to boot.

Being ancient, I may use words and phrases from the dim and distant past, but an intelligent child like you is aware of museums, history, yesterday and a lot more besides.

Once upon a time there was a child, of unspecified gender, who lived on planet Earth. This child was visited by a Moonchild, much to the Earthchild’s surprise.

Will you come out to play, asked both children, in unison.

Yes, they both answered. Where I come from said the Moonchild, gravity is much less, so if I kick a ball or fall off a tree, the ball or I will fall differently, at a different speed than on the Earth.

Is that so, asked the Earthchild. Yes, came the answer. I wouldn’t have said it otherwise.

We shall draw a veil over the games the children played, which included fishing in a pond, flying a kite and hopscotch.

Tiredness overcame them and they went inside for a rest. They lay down on a couch. They did not take up much space, being small.

After their rest, they went outside to the see-saw. Moonchild sat on the lower end, the end touching the ground. Earthchild jumped quickly on the other end.

Moonchild shot off the see-saw, up in the air and out into outer space. Back to the Moon. It was teatime on the Moon, Moonchild did not want to miss that.

I will be back soon, Moonchild called out from outer space. Do drop in again sometime, said Earthchild.

Earth child went in and told the story of what happened. You must have been dreaming, said Earthmother. What did Moonchild say?

Moonchild said you won’t believe what I’m going to tell you because it’s a lie. The Moon is made of green cheese.

Did you believe that, asked Earthmother?

No, because Moonchild said it was a lie. I don’t believe lies, especially when people tell me they are lies.

You are a good child said Earthmother. Sit down and have your tea. Moonchild is having tea right now, though Earthchild.

And they all lived happily ever after.

This is ancient mariner speaking. I was a child, I grew up and became a seafarer, then I grew old and told a story about an Earthchild and a Moonchild. That was it. I hope you like it.

Maybe you will tell stories some day.

Be a good child.

Goodnight and goodbye.

Anchors away!


Tich Ennis

6th June, 2015