From narrow to broad, that’s how I go along the road.

Lighten my load.

That’s how it seems to me as I read the stuff I wrote.

I hope never to discover a discordant note.

From broad to narrow, the other way around as well.

I want to free us all from Hell.

Oh well.

Its all the same thing, large and small.

It really makes no difference at all.

Things matter or they don’t, and they always do.

That’s how it seems to me.  How about you?

May my words be true.

It is not easy, though it may look that way.

As Americans say, have a nice day.

I prefer the word good to nice any day of the week.

I have run out of words, I cease to speak.

There will be more, there are more, it never ends.

Until enemies are friends.

Who knows, who asks why and how?

Finally I finish here for now.

Read on, read on, oh read and understand.

Together we walk to the promised land.

Hand in hand.

Your wish is my command.

The music plays.  Follow the band.

I end here, its all been said.

I wish to say it, do it before I’m dead.

I wrote some poem where I called myself a fool.

That must be something I picked up at school.

With the golden rule.

I call this poem how, I told you how.

Its over now.

Perhaps I am and always was a crazy mixed up kid.

Look underneath, lift the lid.

I hope this is not obscure and you know what I mean.

I love simplicity, it is a dream.

Tich Ennis

31st May, 2016