He buried the hatchet in somebody’s head and left them for dead.

The end justifies the means, he said.

He is or was a serial killer and yet he gets elected.

He is self selected.

They speak the truth when it suits them, now and then.

Behind the scenes they are dangerous men.

And women too, not forgetting you.

Are angry shouts the sound you want to hear?

Allow the truth to whisper in your ear.

I am a stranger in a strange land.

If he spoke the truth he would be grand.

Do leopards change their spots, have you met a friendly shark?

Do you trust a mugger in the dark?

Or Phoenix Park?

Far be it from me to say I am better or worse.

Gerry, do you like this verse?

It could be worse.

Must I criticise the other side, who are not without sin?

When do love stories begin?

Will the Devil win?

If you let him in.

I go now, I hope I have not caused offence.

You get splinters in your arse from sitting on the fence.

I hope my sense of humour does not spoil what I have to say.

I laugh, and wash my tears away.

Tich Ennis

3rd June, 2016