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Women can be stupid so can men.

We are all equal now and then.

Blacks can be racist too, its racist to say otherwise.

Don’t tell lies.

You believe in equality, yes or no?

Some are more equal than others Orwell said long ago.

Totalitarianism has to go.

Tich Ennis

19th December, 2018



Everything can be used for good or ill, just remember bad guys kill.

Dictators seize control, they’re power mad.

They wish you only bad.

They want you to shut up, don’t speak, they want you weak.

No one is immune from criticism, all races do the same.

They have no shame.

The good get crucified, it was always thus.

Why make a fuss?

The murderers are some of us.

Who says love and truth are the way, I do.

Do you?

Tich Ennis

19th December, 2018


She plays a bad hand very well.

Deliver us from Hell.

Decisions are divisive said Tony Blair.

The man who isn’t there.

She could go on and on and on.

Until she’s gone.

Nothing changes, welcome to the status quo.

The Devil you know.

They say its better than the one you don’t.

Will you choose it, you will, you won’t.

Theresa may get her way.

Its for you to say.

Tich Ennis

19th December, 2018

Make Up Your Mind

Put lipstick on and powder, could you look better than you are?

Below the light of a star.

Could you look better if you tried?

How did a star look before it died?

Is the real you better than a fake?

Did God make a mistake?

Wash your face and eat your greens.

Do you know what real means?

Give people a chance to like the real thing.

As a lamb in Spring.

I struggle to say what I meant.

A lamb is innocent.

Beneath your lipstick are you you, you shameless hussy?

Who likes fussy?

Not me for sure.

I like pure.

May truth endure.

Tich Ennis

19th December, 2018

Uncertain Times

We live in uncertain times.

Nothing rhymes.

Except maybe the odd poem now and then.

A smile or two, maybe when.

People aren’t spending money, they’re not sure.

What is the cure?

They expect day to turn into night.

Are they right?

Have politicians got it right at all?

Will they stand us up against the wall?

Are we heading for a fall?

I say no, what do I know?

I have to go.

Tich Ennis

18th December, 2018

The Future

May I put forward the idea that the future has not arrived?

I could say something clever but that might be contrived.

The future is a well kept secret.

You will know the future when you meet it.

Winter is okay when you heat it.

Conversation makes the world go round and sometimes makes you dizzy.

I could say more but I’m busy.

Tich Ennis

18th December, 2018