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Your presence is required or should that read are?

Bring your sack and empty it, join me for a jar.

Who thanks you, no one knows you’re there.

You make your presence felt, as free as air.

A bird without a care.

Tich Ennis

21st October, 2018


Edge Of Life

I’m on the edge of life but not quite in.

Should I start before I begin?

What is my original sin?

The unexamined life is not worth living, should I start forgiving?

Why do people have to die, who, even I?

Will I come back as a housefly?

Don’t swat me, that would never do.

I could be you.

Explain everything to me, carefully.

Failing that I’ll wait and see.

Tich Ennis

20th October, 2018

Testing The Limits

I test the limits of your patience, your toleration.

Meanwhile I live in stagnation.

When young I tested drink and girls and rarely stopped to think.

I lived at the brink.

I rarely drove but sometimes drove people mad.

I miss my mum and dad.

Is God testing my endurance?

I have no life insurance.

Even our house is not insured.

Have I lived or just endured?

The limit of my life has not arrived.

So far I have survived.

Why do I speak so much of I?

I suppose I’ll stop when I die.

Time is my enemy and my friend.

The end.

Tich Ennis

19th October, 2018


Ought we judge from the perspective of our time or all time or at all?

What is your judgement on that question, a large question or, as you might say, small.

Is it better to have no judgement even whether your coffee is hot?

You may say that’s different, I do not.

A meal or a movie, can they be good or bad?

Is there a difference between sane and mad?

Or love and hate, but wait.

Do you believe in effect, do you believe in cause?

Do you believe in the law of gravity or in any laws?

That’s different, again you say.

So you make your judgement, good day.

Judgement exists in principle or not.

I thought I’d say that, I nearly forgot.

Who says nothing is good or bad, wake up from your sleep, give me a rest.

What is the purpose of a test?

To find what works best.

With judgement a bird builds a nest.

Tich Ennis

17th October, 2018

Intelligent Stuff

When I write intelligent stuff, stuff that makes people think, no one likes it, they blink.

Do a person’s thinking for them and they love you, make them think and they hate you said some American guy.

He took the words out of my mouth, I have a brain, this person, I.

Oh well couch potato if that is what you are.

Some day you may get your TV from a star.

Meet me in the bar.

Tich Ennis

17th October, 2018

Coffee Shop

Am I the sole customer in the coffee shop?

Are bricks and mortar coming to a full stop?

Is mortality all its cracked up to be?

What about me?

Have I no one to talk to, no one with whom to converse?

It could be better, it could be worse.

Later I will go to the shopping centre, business is slow.

And to the cheap supermarket, then home I go.

The coffee shop is here, there are five.

Sometimes I wonder why am I alive.

What rhymes with strive?

Tich Ennis

17th October, 2018


Its too hot in the Sun and too cool in the shade.

Is this the best October day God made?

Far be it from me to mock your beliefs if you have any.

Beliefs are two a penny.

Will I vote blasphemy should not be a crime?

Is that a waste of time?

I do not favour insults and put downs.

In the circus watch the clowns.

I met Joe and my brother today and saw no snow.

Pending the penultimate, here I go.

Am I a poet or a holy show?

I don’t know.

Tich Ennis

15th October, 2018