Lost Property


    Do you keep old emails of mine?  (Or even you, Michael).  I wrote to you some time ago, some years ago under what subject line I don’t know with a review of a poetry reading in which I took place, not the filmed one, the only other one.  It was at an arts festival in Dun Laoghaire, the town I loved so well.  Michael, the other Michael was there.  I used the phrase, poetry is felt words in it.  You replied speaking of the ‘drivel’ which is heard at these events.  For me, it was one of my longer emails.  And the only one of its kind, each of my emails and other writings are unique.  I never otherwise reviewed a poetry reading.  My friend Michael said the (small) audience was ‘enthusiastic’ about my stuff.

    My brother George was there, banging a gong between each of my pieces.  If you can find this email please forward it to me, I want to put it on my blog, for posterity.  As Oscar Wilde said, what has posterity ever done for us?  The email I speak of is one of five thousand lost by me when my then pc had a lightning strike and which neither I nor another man of some expertise could recover from that machine.  Now languishing in Dublin.

    The phrase spoken by Michael was ‘they were enthusiastic’.  I don’t know if this is enough for you to be able to find that particular email, if so, please forward to me, along with your reply, if it still exists.  I know this is a big ASK.  After which I might decide it is a load of (crap) and not blog it after all.

    History is a history of wars and social occasions, more of the former and less of the latter.  I feel that email of mine provides a valuable social document documenting the follies and foibles of mankind and womankind, if I must differentiate.  At a particular time and place in inner or outer space.  Possibly, just possibly, its subject line is ‘poetry reading’, but that might be too logical for me.

    If you can be of any assistance in this matter, etcetera, etcetera, I will be eternally grateful.  Apply forensic skills.  Archeology and anthropology to the fore.  Who could want more?

    If I could do this on my own, I would.  I want it on my blog for variety.  I too exist in real life, sometimes putting my toe in the water.  As then.  We cannot live only in fantasy.  Eaten bread is soon forgotten but of what else are our molecular tissues revised and replenished?  Ask Sarah Palin.

    Many ancient writings are lost to humanity, vide the library at Alexandria, burned by Christians.  Some, such as the Dead Sea scrolls, re-emerge from time to time.

    I won’t say more, I could say less, whether or not this can be done is anybody’s guess.




Tich Ennis

7th May, 2016