Murdered Child

Someone killed a child today, I don’t know all the facts.

I heard it on the radio, who carries out these acts?

A fit of rage, hatred of life, a loss of self control.

A mother’s tears, a murdered boy, anger took its toll.

We will forget, but no, not quite, a shadow on our life.

Sadness, go on as before, what price the killer’s knife?

Life is made of toil and woe and smiles and tears and pain.

Protect the children, let them know that flowers grow from rain.

All is not lost, the sun shines on, welcome joy and love.

Good and bad are here below beneath the sky above.

Take care, be calm, a child is born, do not give up hope.

Someday, somewhere, sometime, somehow, you climb a magic rope.

Do your best and not your worst and happiness is yours.

Remember always, come what may, forever love endures.

Tich Ennis

7th March 2016