I live in memory of times gone by,

the present beckons to me in the wink of an eye.

What shall be my future, when will time be one?

Each day I rise to meet again sunrise and setting sun.

Between the two I live and love, the best is yet to be.

Oh good and bad and sane and mad are you all made for me?

I try, I see, I let it be, I wonder why I die.

Is my task, I dream, I ask to make truth from a lie?

Life is real and life is rough, oh evil, hate and woe.

I name your names, I see your shames, oh Devils go, go, go!

The ingredients are rough and raw, a cake I wish to bake.

Love and laughter, smile awhile, forever give and take.

Whiskey at the wake.

Tich Ennis

16th June, 2016