Bad Times

Everything is haywire now, no one seems to care,

they think they’re right, no one is wrong, while they breathe dirty air.

Is it just because I’m old I believe in good and bad,

why in this beloved age do they say the sane are mad?

They don’t believe in trust or even in belief,

they cannot see their carelessness leads to death and grief.

They refuse to see the cure they seek is worse than the disease.

Do they want to bring their children up in bloody times like these?

They refuse to see, refuse to hear, refuse to listen too.

I wonder who I’m talking to, could it just be you?

Judgement is a dirty word in this sad age of ours.

It’s really very simple, choose either weeds or flowers.

I am a poet, so I speak, must I say good or bad?

If that is not clear enough I say this age is mad.

Tich Ennis

12th April, 2016