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I want to assemble a group of chucklebutts and stumblebums to make Arklow great again.

Some of them know more than me, although that seems impossible, and aren’t even men.

One, a boy of fourteen if he’s a day does not love school but has things to say.

His father seems alright, not uptight, dislikes his son truanting from school, he is ok anyway.

One or two women would be alright, we could talk all night.

When will we get things right?

Uptight and outa sight.

Will saner heads prevail?

Have they seen the inside of a jail?

We cannot fail.

Ask one who knows how to grow a rose.

Scent comes and goes.

It stays on your clothes.

Value your nose.

Do I invalidate myself by being funny?

One thing’s for sure, I’m not in it for the money.

If I was, I amn’t making any.

Have you got a penny?

Tich Ennis

30th May, 2019

Dreamers And Doers

Dreamers and doers are two of a kind.

I am a dreamer, never mind.

Action man or woman I certainly am not.

Have I lost the plot?

I can think of things to do, and what’s more how.

That alone is not enough, all hands to the plough.

Of all sad words of tongue or pen the saddest are these, it might have been.

Said a Scottish poet, we can’t live in a dream.

My dreams I like and wish they would come true.

Must I leave everything to you?

Have all the bright, intelligent, hardworking Irish emigrated, not quite.

Michael O’Leary is alright.

Don’t ask Katy Taylor for a fight.

Do something with your life, why not now?

Its your life anyhow.

I write poetry, does that make any difference at all?

Its better than graffiti on a wall.

To put it simply, get up off your bum.

This is the way to kingdom come.

I hope and pray my words may inspire.

Do nothing when you retire.

Then die, be dead.

Get out of bed.

Choose life instead.

Life is for the living, the dead don’t care.

Sometimes I wonder is anybody there?

I have met one or two of you I like a lot.

Don’t say I meant to live but I forgot.

I have tasted life, I’ve even been in a shebeen.

The question is do you know what I mean?

One thing, do things one at a time one step at a time.

End of rhyme.

Tich Ennis

30th May, 2019

Plastic Bags

Just because I dress in rags and carry plastic bags and smoke fags does not mean I might not be a billionaire.

I’m not, but I don’t care.

You may say I in indulge in hyperbole, exaggeration.

I am a citizen of the nation.

Have I described myself in caricature, I’m not sure.

The hypercritical may disagree with me and often do.

Is that you?

Am I hypercritical of you, I say no.

I know a thing or two and I say so.

You disgust me from time to time by your behaviour and your manner.

Would you lend me a spanner?

Or a tanner?

You overcharge for what you do.

Thank God I’m not like you.

Tich Ennis

29th May, 2019


You appear to think people should live their lives for themselves, at least half.

They laugh.

Why should they when you can, they say and think.

After a drink.

Help the helpless, not the lazy ones.

Or ones with guns.

Allow us to enjoy ourselves, improve things, you can’t change the weather.

Pull together.

Science says we kill ourselves by how we do.

Or not, as the case may be, do they mean you?

Me too.

Lead us in the right direction, show by example.

This is a sample.

If I put my hope in you must I do something too?


Sort out the mess.

Tich Ennis

29th May, 2019


I looked at the clock.

I got a shock.

Is that the time, I did not know.

I can go.

Its not late or early, it’s the middle of the day.

I’m on my way.

I had a dream.

You know what I mean.

Dream while you’re asleep a Dutchman said.

You will be a long time dead.

That’s tough.

Have you had enough?

Not me.

Life is free.

Where is a bumble bee?

Up a tree.

You could have fooled me.

Some artist I know has given up.

Not me, I won’t shut up.

He’s concentrating on staying alive.

Once I was five.

And many other ages.

I write on pages.

This could go on for ages.

Or I could.

If I would.

Maybe that’s my way.

Words I say.

All good things come to an end and bad things too.

I am another you.

That’s true.

Between me and you.

The end is coming near.

It’s almost here.

This bit.

That’s it.

I quit.

Tich Ennis

29th May, 2019

Ideas For Arklow

  1. Arklow Speakers’ Corner

Okay, copying the English, why not, we could beat them at their own game. Hyde Park Corner is the famous one, Sunday afternoons, also some in other places in our neighbouring isle. And, guess what, one in Limerick. Look up Speaker’s Corner on Google to see more. Saturday afternoons for the Limerick one. I was at the Hyde Park one years ago, very enjoyable, all kinds of speakers, move from one to the next.

But where, if we had one? Not too near noisy traffic, so the speakers could be heard. Also, the stands or whatever they would be would need to be vandal and bullet proof, maybe made from railway sleepers. Stands are required. No amplification allowed. A policeman is present at the Hyde Park corner one. No one got too excited, except a fanatic young Irish speaker. I thought if we had something like that here only nutcases would speak, politics and religion could be disallowed maybe. Not everyone in Ireland is a looney, we do have immigrants. Saint Patrick was one.

  1. Arklow Radio Station

Some young guy had one over in the west of Ireland a few years ago, calling himself Lex. He wrote a book, very very good and funny and well written, on the internet. The local gardai said as long as the signal did not interfere with theirs and ambulances, ok. Some young people are very funny and lively, local shops advertised.

  1. Arklow Voice

Some kind of newspaper or magazine for local stuff and artists of all kinds, events, maybe births, marriages and deaths columns as well, hatched, matched and despatched as journalists call it. We have some good photographers and an artist or two, their work could be reproduced. I write poetry by the way. And not only poetry. Blueprint are very good printers here in Arklow and printed an A5 booklet of mine, so I know a little about it.

These all require further thought. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor Arklow, two heads are better than one, many hands make light work, social media could be used to advantage, why not?

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, more is better.

Someone might say, at least someone is doing something around here.   Possibly editors should be below the age of criminal responsibility.

Also, there’s always the dog shit problem, as referred to in one of my poems.   A problem until its solved. In other jurisdictions dogs are dna tested.   For that reason. I won’t go into details, spare your blushes. Not to mention the unmentionable.

Can these things be done for love or money? Mostly love I would say. Who is willing to donate their time free, or their work? Some are, you might be surprised.

Would they make life better? Yes. Who says? I do. Am I alone in that opinion? I know Arklow is not New York, LA, London or Rome. But it is home. Its better than nothing. Lets make it better still.

This message goes out to the world but primarily to Peir Leonard newly elected member of Wicklow county council, for whom I voted, although she was not my first choice. She has joined the elect.

This all requires thought and consideration, Peir.   Hope to see you this weekend.

Tich Ennis

29th May, 2019




The triumph and the tragedy, the mediocrity and hope.

Does a tramp need soap?

A Protestant Pope.

Or perhaps Dalai Lama, in pink pyjamas.

Life is a mixed bag, she’s beautiful then and old hag.

It has been remarked before that life goes quicker when you’re old.

Slow as a snail when you’re in jail, was truth told?

I am guilty as sin.

When will I begin?

I agree I left it late.

I procrastinate.

Am I fate?

It’s a date.

Blind or otherwise.

Why tell lies?

Tich Ennis

29th May, 2019