Me And God

I may be accused of lese majeste, insufficient deference to authority, in putting myself before God in the title.  This assumes God exists.  If not, not so, if yes, well, he is unassuming, self effacing, humility itself, and used to putting up with things.  So, in either case it doesn’t matter.  And, if he does exist, he is remarkably tolerant, or hopefully so.  Also, long suffering.  Suffering fools gladly, or so it has been said.  What’s another fool?  One among many.  Now and then there’s a fool such as I.  If you had an air to that you could sing it.

Far be it from me to take advantage of the good nature of another, nonexistent or otherwise.  I’m that sort of guy.  In that respect I am Godlike, assuming there is one.  Possibly in others also, but I don’t like to brag.  My existence is ignored, and why not?  No one knows everyone and everything unless, of course, there is a God.  In that respect I am not Godlike, my ignorance is immense, unfathomable, universal, or almost.  I am prone to exaggeration, God would not exaggerate, would he?  I may overstate my case, the case for the prosecution or the defence, as the case may be.  It is human to err, to forgive divine.  Tell that to the judge.

As God is my judge I plead not guilty.  Not guilty of being God.  Who may or may not exist, the question is moot.  Whatever that means.  Therefore, don’t blame me for the state of the world or your finances.  Or love life or lack of it.  Or the price of butter.  Why doesn’t somebody do something?  Who, me?  I’m not God, must I repeat myself ad nauseam?  How about you doing something?  If you are God, don’t take this personally.  If you are not, I understand.  I share your fate.  Me and you are as one.  Or should I say you and I?  Putting you first.  Who do you think you are, God?  If you are God, that’s another fine mess you got us into.

If there is no God we did it ourselves.  We can’t blame God.  That would be judgemental, and we can’t have that.  And nonsensical.  Like the state of the world.  We all believe in free will, we can’t help it.  The world is how we want it to be, we can’t blame a non-existent God.  That would be mad.  Have the lunatics taken over the asylum?  You tell me.

I can’t do anything about it, I’m not God.  I leave it to you.

I must be mad.

Tich Ennis