May I mention the unmentionable if its all the same to you?

I thought I might as well, I have nothing else to do.

Just how and why and what and where are not allowed to be said?

Let’s get this out of the way before we are all dead.

Thing to do with sex and war and gender, race and guns.

For all I know some people object to talk of sugar buns.

Fast food and porn and much beside are all around today.

Is anyone allowed to talk, has freedom had its day?

Are we allowed to hate and love as we damn well please?

Oops, I used a swear word there, I beg pardon, on my knees.

When anything goes, everything goes, is good a long lost word?

Oh my goodness, dove of peace, may your voice be heard.

Tich Ennis

27th June, 2016