My eyes fall on your lovely form, a joy to behold.

Your skin so fair, your smile so bright, your hair of finest gold.

I only know I love you so with all my heart and soul.

Goodbye, hello, I wish you well, a fool this story told.

Oh once upon a time girl the years have taken toll.

Should I say more, should I say less, oh love, oh fatal charm.

May you avoid all misery and never come to harm.

Oh dream girl, you were once a joy, no one compared to you.

I still remember times gone by, your name, how do you do?

Unfinished business calls me forth, to make a world fit for you.

I cannot spare time for a kiss, I have much to do.

My best to you.

My dream is a dream of you.

My dream is a world that’s true.

A world fit for you.

Tich Ennis

10th June, 2016