Impossible Dream

“The truth, when perfectly expressed, is incontrovertible”.  It cannot be contradicted.  Who said?  Someone, in a book stolen from me by a friend, now dead, should I pursue him beyond the grave?  It was a book of quotations, mostly unmemorable, as far as I can recall.  In what form may the truth be expressed incontrovertibly, in mathematics and geometry only, or in other areas of life also?

Economics is described as the dismal science.  It is a sad fact that one and one make two, no matter how you look at it.  The reason politicians speak as they do is to conceal the fact that they are saying nothing, another quotation.  In our current situation in Ireland we have politicians calling themselves activists, liars before they start.  In a world of untruth is it possible to give expression to the truth?

Whistleblowers do, sometimes with mixed motives.  Look what happens to them, they are vilified, maligned and mistreated.  So it is possible, but prepare to be crucified.  Some of them go mad and go into politics say I, the old cynic.  Or possibly I am a realist.  Doing right for the wrong reason is not right.  Even extremists sometimes say the right thing.  They are still extremists.  Rage, rage against the dying of the light said Dylan Thomas, and I quote.

Nailing my colours to the mast I say I wish to give perfect expression to the truth.  At junior school we were told our object must be to attain perfection but perfection is impossible.  Therefore I attempt the impossible.  But when and where and how?  In words, written or spoken or both, because I am literal minded.  Literature is the most literal of the arts. I am a poor practitioner.  I may also be simple minded, certainly I value simplicity.  Where?  Here.  When?  When I am up to the job.  When may that be?  Like economists, I can’t tell the future.  Even weather forecasting is unreliable.  How?  Anyhow and everyhow.

May an imperfect person give expression to perfection?  A double miracle is required, a double whammy.  People better fitted than I fail to rise to the occasion so Joe Soap takes up the challenge.  Paddy the Irishman.

What is truth?  It is all pervasive, it applies to everything.  A true pint of milk is true in both quantity and quality, that is the nature of truth.  Does it need to be spelled out?  I have just done so.  This is a beginner’s guide, a primer.  Some may have forgotten, others don’t want to know.  T.S.Eliot, the poet, said the truth is what is most hated.  Ask a whistleblower.  Which truth do I wish to speak?  The unspoken truth.  It is not easy.  A gargantuan task.  A David versus Goliath battle.

I once had to prove to an adult man that there is such a thing as truth, something every child knows.  Which he denied, asking what is truth?  As if there was no such thing.  Such a view has almost gained common acceptance now, with sickening results.  That is why I wish to speak, I, an ordinary man.  With no education to speak of.  I have eyes to see and ears to hear.  May I have a tongue to speak.

To quote an Elvis Presley song, now and then there’s a fool such as I.

I will do my best.

Wish me well for all our sakes,

Tich Ennis

2nd April, 2016 (Not April fool’s day!)