Nightmare In Cyberspace

I have three YouTube accounts and three Facebook accounts.  I want only one of each.  One is not supposed to have more than one Facebook account.
Each Facebook account should have a unique password and a unique to them email address and as far as I know a unique name.  I lost one of my Youtube passwords.
I opened these accounts at various times in various years and forgot about them.  I have a record of most but not all of my passwords.  This is confusing, including to my computer.
Two of my Youtube accounts have the same email address, this should not be allowed to happen.   They are somehow linked together.   There is a bug in YouTube and a bug in me.
Someone is trying to fix this for me.   I can not.  When I go into YouTube I automatically enter an old account of mine and have great difficulty getting into the one I want, to upload or whatever.   The one I like is called Tich Ennis, and is populated, including yesterday with two more poems.
I have two YouTube accounts with the same name, Tich Ennis, made a few years apart.  I forgot about the old one when I made the new one.
I don’t know if you understand this, I can’t.  In the nanny state this would not and could not happen.  Do we need protecting from ourselves?   Will artificial intelligence make humans redundant?  When will machines take over?  Am I replaceable?
My sister said the good thing about dying is you don’t have to learn any new gadgets, she’s not a machine, although I wonder.
Keats, or was it Shelley, wrote Ode to a Grecian Urn.   What about owed to a butcher?   Who wrote On First Reading Homer’s Odyssey, or whatever its called?  How about on First Entering Cyberspace?  Here be monsters.  Many await slaying.
I don’t know if I made this clear to you, it’s not clear to me.  Montaigne said a person who understands something clearly can explain it clearly.  When they don’t they can’t.   Oh what a tangled web we weave when we enter unknown territory.   Anyway, I hate passwords.  And bureaucracy.   My pet hates.  And unclear explanations.  Or alleged explanations.
I am trying to get my head together but am unsure which hemisphere goes where.  Maybe I should throw it all out and start again.  But I have my computer to contend with.  When Babbage proposed the first mechanical computer a question was asked in the house, will it give the right answer if you ask the wrong question?   This is why computers don’t like humans, humans are confused, they and computers are antithetical.  GIGO, garbage in, garbage out.  Bring on artificial stupidity.  Then we may get somewhere.
I wish my computer wouldn’t jump to conclusions.  What I mean, what I want, these may be different from what I say, what I do.  Am I my computer’s slave or the other way around?  The perfect servant reads your mind.  Who’s serving who?  The perfect person, the perfect machine, these have yet to be realised.  I have not got one, nor am I one.  Its simple when you know how.  When you don’t its not.  Know everything before you do anything?  Then never start.  Never live.  How do I get there from here?  My smart phone is smarter than me.  I virtually don’t use it.  I prefer a dumb phone, a phone that doesn’t answer back.  Computers, do they compute?  Make sense?  Or regurgitate vomit?  Pass the sick bag.
Samuel Beckett, the great comedian, said everything is futile, it would be better never to have been born.  He was a laugh a minute.  He could cheer you up, the life and soul of the party.  Now he is dead.  In the end, he was right.  Or was he?
The torch was passed to a new generation and they lit a marijuana cigarette with it.   Instant Nirvana.
Nirvana without tears.  Do you sincerely want to be rich?  Should I buy a self-help book?
Everyman his own author.  I am the author of My Own Misfortunes.  To find a place on every bookshelf.
This is why you haven’t heard from me.  The book isn’t finished.  The story of my life.  The Real Thing.
I dislike artificial intelligence.  Accept no substitute.  Await the real thing.
Here’s hoping,
Tich Ennis
21st March, 2016