Play:  Scene:  Limbo

Me:  People aren’t respectable any more.  They’re going around shooting each other.

Her:  That’s not respectable.

Me:  No one wants anyone else to have any say.

Her:  So I’ve noticed.

Me:  The train drivers want more.

Her:  That’s not unusual.

Me:  At the cost of making everyone else walk.

Her:  Walking is good for you.

Me:  People are on trolleys in hospitals.

Her:  It’s better than being on the floor.

Me:  We haven’t got a government.

Her:  Why not?

Me:  They can’t agree.

Her:  The purpose of opposition is to oppose.  That’s the way they see it.

Me:  They want it all their own way.

Her:  That’s not respectable.

Me:  What is respectable?

Her:  Respecting other people and their point of view.

Me:  Suppose their view isn’t respectable?

Her:  Concern yourself with your view.  You have to be prepared to give in sometimes.

Me:  Why?

Her:  To prevent conflict.  And dead bodies.

Me:  I see.  It’s better to lose sometimes.

Her:  For the greater good.

Me:  When will people see sense?

Her:  Tomorrow.

Me:  Tomorrow never comes.

Her:  It will be all the same in a hundred years.  That’s the way the mop flops.

Me:  The present is the foundation for the future.  We can’t just let things go to Hell.

Her:  You’re right there.  We shouldn’t.

Me:  We have to live with the consequences.

Her:  Life is a game of consequences.  It’s not over till the fat lady sings.

Me:  Have you an obesity problem?

Her:  No.  And I can’t sing either.

Me:  Bring on the fat lady.

Her:  She’s coming.  Waddling towards you.  Her name is Mother Nature.

Me:  She never went away.

Her:  You did your best to kill her.

Me:  Reports of her death are greatly exaggerated.

Her:  Nature, red in tooth and claw.

Me:  You are a one for the quotations.

Her:  Common sense is uncommon.  There’s a new one for you.

Me:  How right you are.

Her:  May you live in interesting times.  Chinese curse.

Me:  There’s a lot of sense in those old sayings.  And new ones too.

Her:  Ghost estates come back to haunt you.  Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Me:  I’ll keep that in mind.

Her:  I wish you peace of mind.

Me:  I wish for that too.

Her:  I have a cigarette to smoke and coffee to drink.  I can’t stand here all day chatting with the likes of you.  It wouldn’t be respectable.

Me:  There’s not a lot of that about.  Respect for people.  Respect for common sense.  Respect for the common good.

Her:  We’re back where we started.  Respect is the name of the game.  It starts with self respect.

Me:  And ends there too.  Toodleoo!


Tich Ennis

26th April, 2016