What is a tool, someone asked.

Whatever you use to fulfil your task.

My aim is to make people see.

My tools are words, but that is only me.

It may be a fishing rod, a ball.

Or anything at all.

Someone asked what I meant by tools, I made it clearer.

The truth is nearer.

Your hands, your feet, a screwdriver, your own and other people’s hearts.

Your brain, intelligence, imagination, know how, a chain saw, the world has many, many parts.

Your eyes, your ears and so on, need I go on?

Whatever you use to get there, get going, gone.

How you use them is what counts,

owning them means nothing, a mountaineer mounts.

You must learn a thing or two,

how and when and where and why and what to do.

Its up to you.

Take the tool in your hand and try,

experiment or die.

The tool may be yourself, ballet dancer, actor.

Whatever, you have character.

You must commit yourself to what you’re doing.

The muse is not won without wooing.

Get up and doing.

Dreams come truing.

A fool is one who does not try.

One thing is certain, you must die.

Give yourself to what you do, that’s what its all about.

The truth is whispering.

It does not shout.

Allow yourself to be yourself, you see.

That’s all that’s to it.

Begin to be.

Tich Ennis

14th June, 2016

10:11 a.m.