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Hell is a place where they don’t believe in Heaven, I did when I was seven.

Who is the eternal optimist who was never kissed?

Not quite me, you see.

I have known and loved and still do.

How about you?

Music I love and good company and friends.

Good talk, it can’t be beat, my story ends.

Tich Ennis

29th April, 2017



Stop saying rubbish isn’t rubbish that’s rubbish.

What rhymes with rubbish?

You know who you are, you bore me to death.

I haven’t finished yet.

You may be in for God’s sake art or so help me politics.

Hell, your act is dirty tricks.

Its good if you like it and not if you don’t.

You don’t fool me, you try but you won’t.

Tich Ennis

27th April, 2017


Nothing new today so far, must I be your guiding star?

You are what you are.

Someday I might write a verse, unless I think of something worse.

So, put up with this.

Do you remember your first kiss?

Mine wasn’t much, oh never mind, second best, a love to find.

So wait and watch and hope and pray.

I’ll be along another day.

Tich Ennis

27th April, 2017

Weather News

The sky is sometimes blue in Ireland, it gives us something to look forward to.

It is not always cold and wet, lest we forget.

Yes, sometimes the weather is good or very good, we remember days like those.

Before our life comes to a close.

Sunshine may be had for money if you go away.

Mosquitoes anyone and sunburn and grass that is not green?

I’ll play the hand I’m dealt, I live in a dream.

Have I any more to add?

I am glad and mad and sad.

Its not bad.

I look forward to better than good.

Touch wood.

Tich Ennis

25th April, 2017


Spoiler alert. No, my website does not exist, except in my fertile imagination. Howandever, the components are being assembled, such as they are. I am making the bricks but have still to serve my time as a bricklayer.

I will have an About clickeroo as is conventional in these matters and have just made the film to go with it. Okay, the text is from my blog, the audio track I ‘laid down’ today. Here, not Sun studios.

This is it:

the real thing.

I call it About Tich Ennis. That’s its working title.

The components are more or less all made. Perfectionism, my sister said, is a sin, it is Hell to be one. A perfectionist. Specially when no one notices. Why, I asked my sister, is perfectionism a sin? She did not know. She fell asleep in class.

I like to know why. I am a whiner. (Pun).

Quite likely this is all you will get until the whole website is up and running. Apart from the odd poem, of course. God only knows (Beach Boys) when my website will appear. The future has been postponed.

They also serve who only sit and wait,

Tich Ennis

24th April, 2017

White Knight

The man in the white hat is the good guy, he rides over the hill.

When will night become day, we are waiting still.

When shall commonsense prevail, in the land of Granuaile?

Ever after anywhere, is it floating in the air?

Not merely commonsense of course, love and joy come on your horse.

Deliver us from ourselves, I speak from the land of elves.

A leprechaun leads to a pot of gold.

When shall his story be told?

Tich Ennis

24th April, 2017

A Reasonable Day

The God of reason shines today but not the Sun.

There is a reason for everything, including fun.

This thing called reason, does it exist?

In the minds of men and the girls I kissed.

Well, I don’t know, that remains to be proved or disproved.

Speaking for myself, I am moved.

All in all, as I said before, it is a reasonable day.

The temperature does not leave much to be desired, I’ve had my say.

Tich Ennis

22nd April, 2017