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I get along among the smokers of Hell.

To which I add, oh well.

Things have a way of turning out right at the last minute.

If this is Hell I’m in it.

Tich Ennis

Monday, 9th September, 2019



I am a poet and I wrote a book.


Yes, well I wrote three and what have I got to show for it, nothing whatsoever.

I write forever.

Why do I write, I don’t know.

On I go.

It seems important to say something and say it well.

A funny thing happened to me on the way to Hell.

Its better than nothing, that I know.

My last line comes below.

Tich Ennis

Friday, 30th August, 2019

Iran U.S.

Iran and the U.S. don’t trust each other and with good cause.

They remember past wars.

The Iranian powers that be are full of hate.

The Americans, God help us, will not wait.

Oil anyway pollutes the Earth.

This is my tuppence hapenny worth.

Do both sides regard each other as mad or just bad?

I am sad.

Revenge is not a pretty thing, we all love our country, where is a good king?

Hate and greed for power can lead to all out war.

That is not what we are on Earth for.

Right now no one has full control of the situation.

Each may bring death to their nation.

And to many sisters and brothers.

This happens when people don’t care about others.

My poem does not say to Hell with you all.

Read the writing on the wall.

Tich Ennis

15th July, 2019

Name Of God

In the name of God where is God if not everywhere?

The very air, here and there.

God is truth, that is not all.

We live on a round ball.

He is love, what we all need.

Rare indeed.

Love is giving, is this living?

God and truth are absolutely ignored.

If you speak of God people are bored.

Truth is hated.

People waited.

God is everyday.

He has not gone away.

When all else fails he will return.

In Hell we burn.

God is what you put first.

We have not seen the worst.

The Devil cursed.

The result you see.

Where does that leave me?

Hoping truth will be.

From ourselves set us free.

Including me.

Don’t forget me.

Is it good enough to wait and see?


If you want to know you know.

I told you so.

So now you know.

This snail is slow.

Tich Ennis

8th July, 2019

Arab Israeli Conflict

The Arab Israeli conflict has lasted for generations, I have the solution.

Drop an atom bomb on both of them, disregard pollution.

Why does nobody ask me?

It’s the perfect solution, don’t you agree?

I want a seat on the United Nations while you’re at it.

They’re always up and at it.

No people, no problems, Sartre said other people are Hell.

We are all other people, oh well.

What the Hell.

Tich Ennis

6th July, 2019