Reality Intersects

I wrote a letter to a priest, he has not replied.

Perhaps he thinks my soul has died.

Also to a woman who knew what to do.

Neither has she answered, is it a crime to be true?

Do I expect too much of people, write too many words?

Must I do it all myself, is love for the birds?

A soul in torment, here and now, would like a helping hand.

Walk with me as I walk on to the promised land.

Must I walk alone along my lonely way?

A little of your life I ask, a small part of your day.

The real thing is here and now, do not be afraid.

I do not bite, now is the time, love be not betrayed.

This goes to one unknown to you, whoever you may be.

Whoever you may talk to, the other one is me.

Help the lonely, help the lost, be friendly to a friend.

Goodbye, I go, we’ll meet again, now, at last, the end.


Tich Ennis

7th March, 2016