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Friendliness and cooperation are obviously best, why must that be said?

Say it or you’re dead.

Hate and war instead.

Truth stands on its head.

Tich Ennis

Wednesday, 21st August, 2019

Iran U.S.

Iran and the U.S. don’t trust each other and with good cause.

They remember past wars.

The Iranian powers that be are full of hate.

The Americans, God help us, will not wait.

Oil anyway pollutes the Earth.

This is my tuppence hapenny worth.

Do both sides regard each other as mad or just bad?

I am sad.

Revenge is not a pretty thing, we all love our country, where is a good king?

Hate and greed for power can lead to all out war.

That is not what we are on Earth for.

Right now no one has full control of the situation.

Each may bring death to their nation.

And to many sisters and brothers.

This happens when people don’t care about others.

My poem does not say to Hell with you all.

Read the writing on the wall.

Tich Ennis

15th July, 2019

A Lie

A lie is when you say something that isn’t true.

I’m telling you.

In this strange world we find ourselves in who says there isn’t sin?

Where will I begin?

Perhaps you can explain what war is for.

Don’t give me a pain.

So you know all there is to know?

Enlighten me if so.

Tell me then go.

Tich Ennis

11th July, 2019

Old Man

Can an old man send himself back into battle when young?

Should he say this time I won’t bite my tongue?

War has been described as when old men send young men out to die.

My young self is not quite dead, I don’t know why.

Is that what I am doing?

Apart from wooing.

All’s fair in love and war is a saying I have heard.

I don’t believe a word.

So I tell it as it is.

Politics is basically showbiz.

I don’t mean they never get it right.

Sometimes after a fight.

I dislike fighting, wrongs need righting.

I favour love and truth and all that stuff.

No, it is not guff.

Apply it in real life, what can I do, I write.

Day and night.

I also vote sometimes and do things other people do.

Like enjoy music and good humour, I presume I am the same as you.

I have friends too.

Van Gogh sold nothing in his life except one time.

I sold a rhyme.

I live and feed and eat and breathe oh yes, and drink.

When young I did not always think.

I like good people in whatever walk of life.

People doing their best and caring, with a butcher’s or a surgeon’s knife.

A drug is what you take to blot out life when you feel it is not good enough, it gives fake happiness, a substitute.

Jesus Christ, who speaks the truth?

Drugs are popular in many forms, perverted good.

I would explain it better if I could.

I am not one who doesn’t want to know.

Words no one wants to hear, I told you so.

The sad and tragic truth is we all do know, very well.

So why is life Hell?

Possibly on my gravestone I will write, oh well.

It seems pretty stupid to fight against false Gods, tremendous odds.

However, I am Irish, I don’t care and I do.

The Irish love talking, should I leave it all to you?

With my dying breath should I say I love you?

Whatever, I am still alive, not yet 95.

I would like a better world, a healthy Earth.

I give you my words for what they’re worth.

I want a world where every child is safe, why spell it out?

I am Irish, I don’t shut my mouth.

In the end of course I will be dead.

It will not be the case it was not said.

I could have stayed in bed.

I am awake, alive, who is not?

Not only those who have been shot.

Those who do not speak or act or care.

If you do, let me say I too am there.

Here and now and I care too.

Live your life, be yourself, that’s all I do.

Its sometime since I ate an Irish stew.

I do know wrong from right, must I fight?

Not when I say fighting is wrong, it depends what you mean by fight.

I love day and night.

I have not forgotten how to love, including conversation.

We are a talkative nation.

I’ll leave it at that, did I go on too long?

Should life be a sad or happy song?

Why can’t we get along?

I am alive, I have not given up.

I will not shut up.

As far as wrong goes, don’t.

As far as right goes, do.

I talk to you.

As far as I myself am personally concerned I should probably give myself a good talking to.

Wouldn’t you?

May a person who is imperfect preach perfection?

I myself am open to correction.

At least try.

Do I?

The evidence lies before you, do you want more?

I find myself not guilty of failing to adore.

I am no hanging judge, at least in my own case.

Sometimes I do not wash my face.

My clothes are a disgrace.

This does not invalidate what I say, I stick by every word.

And some you have not heard.

I hope this epic has not made you sick.

And did the trick.

I preach perfection, I give lessons, I am a trainee.

On that we may agree.

Don’t be like me.

Perhaps someday you may give evening classes at night.

And tell me not to talk shite.


Tich Ennis

19th May, 2019

The World

The world is getting madder by the minute and I’m in it.

My best friend is dead, I talk to you instead.

How to drive the world sane, by bus or plane?

Madness is obviously catching, I caught it a bit there just now.

Is there a psychiatrist in the house anyhow?

Just what is driving the world mad, can we not stand each other?

How dare you think differently from me even if you are my brother?

What is a madman’s ultimate cure?

Mutual annihilation to be sure.

That cure is worse than the disease.

DDT kills not only fleas.

If you want to be mad, go ahead.

In the long run we’re all dead.

The long run could be sooner than we think.

Some turn to drink.

Friendliness and cooperation seem to me better than war.

I think, that’s what I think my brain is for.

Ok, there may not be war, we just live at daggers drawn.

In mutual hostility before the dawn.

One thing, I am Irish and when everyone else goes madder it makes Ireland appear relatively sane.

Should I complain?

Tich Ennis

23rd April, 2019

New Ghandi

A new Ghandi walked the Earth, the last one got shot.

He said be content with what you’ve got.

He said its all been said before.

They showed him the door.

He said peace is better than war.

They said yes, but on our terms.

He said you will be eaten by worms.

They said that’s a common complaint.

Until then we wear warpaint.

He said you’d try the patience of a saint.

Tich Ennis

11th March, 2019

Theory And Practice

Theory and practice are miles apart, it breaks my heart.

A friend said they have nothing to do with each other, ask your mother.

Take democracy, Christianity and law.

Ask your paw.

Or communism, why leave that out.

A reign of terror, no doubt.

They want you to judge in theory, I judge in practice, that’s me.

I believe what I see.

I believe what you do, not what you say.

Go away.

Liars rule the world, do they go to Hell? They make Hell here.

No wonder we drink beer.

The truth is there, but rare.

Liars hate the truth, they don’t want it told.

I tell it, I am old.

The penalty for truth is death, to tell it is illegal say those who make laws, politicians, terrorists and the rest.

Feathering their nest.

They love power, being in control.

Don’t sell your soul.

If you can’t beat them join them, people say.

I say never, no, go away.

Is it possible to live in the world and not live a lie?

Some do, don’t ask why.

They have self respect and respect from others too.

Is that you?

Why do people hate politicians, lawyers and a journalist?

They lie and twist.

Not everyone, not quite, just nearly all.

The truth is rare, most don’t speak it at all.

Some join with good intentions, with which the road to Hell is paved.

Temporarily their soul is saved.

Then they sell out, most do.

As I said before, is this you?

That’s why things are as they are in this infernal game.

To our eternal shame.

They excuse murder, death and war.

Is that what words are for?

I mention one word, true.

It means a lot to me.

To you?

Liars care how things look, not how they are.

They are good liars, that’s all they are.

They are good at covering their tracks and stabbing people in their backs.

Some admire them, I do not.

Nor do I say they should be shot.

Some day I may name names, why not?

Until then this is all you’ve got.

I wish I could say all this in a few words but I cannot.

The truth is treated as rot.

That’s all.

Tich Ennis

27th January, 2019