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I am seething with rage and anger but keep it under control.

My immortal soul.

Who says lies are truth, who kills youth?

Who is power mad, who kills and is glad?

Look around, don’t look far.

Watch out for that car.

Whose bomb is next to explode?

Down the road.

Who solves knife crime, who considers it a waste of time?

Do black youth matter or even white?

Fuck off, this is not alright.

Ok so I spoke a bad word.

Is it the worst you ever heard?

Who is polite and talks shite?

Alright, my anger got the better of me.

Its all around, you make history.

It is no mystery.

For God’s sake care for others, they are your brothers.

In your land, right here and now.

You don’t give a fuck anyhow.

You reap what you sow, you know.

Does it take me to tell you so?

I learned those words at school from people who cared.

And sometimes dared.

May we be spared.

If this is not enough I have more.

Until you lie on the floor.

Carried out on a door.

Have it your way, how about us?

I’ll believe you when you catch a bus.

I am not one to make a fuss.

You strain my patience with your united nations.

What language do you speak, ancient Greek?

Don’t kill the weak.

So I used a bad word or two, how about you?

Your education makes no difference at all when you put us up against a wall.

The mighty must fall.

The end but not the end at all.

Here comes the wrecking ball.

When will you believe the word all?

No one believes you at all.

Nor any word you say.

I will not go away.

I am not threatening you.

The boot is on the other shoe.

You know what to do but you don’t care.

Truth is always there.

What about our air?

I will say more another day until you go to Hell.

All you say is oh well.

Thank you for making Hell, is that what I should say?

Peace and love and truth another day.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest I take a rest.

In my bird’s nest.

You fail the test.

I also jest.

Smile once in a while, and even laugh and sing.

While you do your thing.

Will you get it right at last?

Make our present better than our past.

I’ll say no more for now.

Thank you for nothing anyhow.

Even I may one day get it right.

Hopefully without a fight.

Can you read between the lines?

Close coal mines.

End fear and hate and anger too.

I would if I were you.

What’s good for you is good for us and one and all.

Leave no one out at all.

I could go on, I will go on until right replaces wrong.

I can write poetry, what about you, what can you do?

Life is a song or meant to be.

Take that from me.

I want to make a joke, that’s what I do.

I don’t want to say I hate you.

What did I learn at school?

Among other things the golden rule.

How about love one another, my brother is all mankind?

And so on, what do you say, never mind.

A neverending poem peace and love.

From God above.

Tich Ennis

Monday, 20th January, 2020

Big Ben Bombshell

The chimes on the BBC are fake, can you believe anything you hear?

Maybe next year.

They are a mere recording, not the real thing.

Has England a queen or a king?

Must I doubt my sanity, where is reality?

Only in hints and whispers, ask your sisters.

I know the BBC is rather good, its better than nothing and at other times as useful as touching wood.

The real news is almost everything is fake, made by people, dare I say it, on the make.

How much truth can you take?

I want no substitute, don’t give me plastic fantastic.

The opposite of the truth is drastic.

I’m rather old, so what, I see through you lot.

No, I should not be shot.

Truth is all we’ve got.

The rest is rot.

Why did it take so long for me to sing my song?

You fooled me, I was wrong.

I believe in science and know how and a man behind a plough.

I don’t believe in nothing, anyhow.

I don’t believe you and your lies.

Get wise.

Whoever you are, I know you rule the roost, what you say goes.

I hold my nose.

Some of you mean well I know and some of you are good.

I won’t consign you all to Hell for good.

You know the truth, you know it very well.

I feel like saying go to Hell.

Just one word, I don’t need to say it, you make it here.

Hell, that is, so disappear.

Forget half hearted measures and half truths, when I buy milk I want a pint, the same when I buy stout.

The truth will find you out.

Find me behind a pint of stout.

You corrupt children, have you no sense?

Its not all about pounds and pence.

Or your self esteem and any other dream.

Give a kid ice cream.

Why should I work it out for you, you make me sick.

Life is not and should not be a dirty trick.

I could say more, I won’t test your short attention span.

You will hear more from this old Irishman.

I don’t want to live in lies, I just want to live.

Look up the word forgive.

I could go on forever and people like me will, mostly in despair.

Give us fresh air.

Don’t judge me for what I did not say.

Liars, go away.

When will I say you’ve had your day?

Putting yourself first is the law by which you’re cursed.

Rather than what you do.

I feel like I’m speaking to a child of two.

I speak to you.

If you want more go on as before.

Who or what do you adore?

Break your mirror on the floor.

Must I go on writing endless rhymes?

Until real Big Ben chimes.

I love poetry, friendship, jokes, if you don’t want to understand you won’t.

Obviously you don’t.

That’s why I speak.

I am Irish, I live now, I am not an ancient Greek.

See you next week.

May your words be real and mean what they say.

Good day.

I don’t want to be merely tolerated.

That is second best to being hated.

I have more to say, I said some of it here.

I look forward to a beer.

As I said, I can’t go on forever.

What about you, never?

Or hardly ever?

I said I don’t condemn you all, you know who you are and so do we.

Set truth free.

If I am mad who drove me there?

People who don’t care.

I dispute that I am mad, the boot is on the other foot.

My words burned make soot.

Mad things are done by madmen, who drove them mad?

May they be happy, may they not be sad.

Others are mad for power, putting themselves first.

Land of the cursed.

I know I have not said it all.

I’d rather kick a ball.

That’s why I say set us free.

Including me.

If I could say it all in one word or two those words would be truth and love.

May they mean something to you.

They do if you do.

Its all about love and truth.

Ask a child, or failing that, a youth.

Why should I say it all when you already know?

Tell yourself I told you so.

Big Ben is bonkers while I’m at it, and so is ceremony and pomp.

See children romp.

May I add a touch of humour?

Love is not a rumour.

I am sorry for telling you what you know.

I am old but still have time to go.

Preaching to the converted is a waste of time.

Be that as it may I end my rhyme.

Tich Ennis

Tuesday, 14th January, 2020


Too much religion is bad for you, it makes you hate and kill.

If you think your God wants that take a pill.

Forgive, live and let live.

God made good, not bad.

He did not make you mad.

Your religion is what you do and believe.

The Devil is there to deceive.

He preaches hate and lies.

He may be your preacher in disguise.

Get wise.

If you make people hate at whatever level you are the Devil.

I’m not particularly religious but I know what’s true.

Do you?

Your God, if there is a God, is what you put first.

Your best, not your worst.

To repeat myself, God is good, not bad.

To believe otherwise is mad.

God may be seen as the quality of truth, love, justice, peace and all the rest.

It is on those terms you fail or pass the test.

I try, I have tried here.

The man who likes beer.

Sam Goldwyn said of Shakespeare he did it all with a feather.

Come together.

Variety and difference are God made, light and shade, religions too, why not?

Don’t live or die for hogwash, that’s your lot.

Tich Ennis

Monday, 13th January, 2020

The Right Wrong Answer

Its important to give the right wrong answer when Putin asks do you love him, or Kim il Jung.

Did I say Chinese leader, I could bite my tongue.

Many, many others, do you want a list?

North, South, East and West, they would not be missed.

They love their billions in Swiss banks, possibly made up in francs.

Do I love them, no thanks.

I made a mistake in some dictator’s name.

To my eternal shame.

Tich Ennis

Monday, 13th January, 2020

Cure 2

Instant death for hate.

Why wait?

Who knows the cure?


Eternal diagnosis.

Coronary thrombosis.

I’m fed up up to here.

When, what year?

Me first is cursed.

Does love exist?

Irish Mist.

Yes, I drank that, it was a drink.

Fight blood with ink.

It pays to think.

Pull back from the brink.

Preserve the species or go to pieces.

Truth is known but ignored.

An eagle soared.

Books have been written, thoughts have been thought.

Who bought?

A select few.

What can I do?

Be true.

If I say we live in Hell do you agree?

Here comes eternity.

The Earth has polar opposites too and yet it gets along.

In harmony I sing my song.

Where did we go wrong?

A return to source is called for, return to source.

You must believe in right and wrong of course.

To believe means to do and be, not merely to say.

Poet, go away.

Welcome poetry.

That’s not me.

People say things are awful, but what to do?

Be you.


If I ask you nicely to be nice will you follow my advice?

That’s a joke, nice is fake good, forget it, nice is not true.

Nice is not you.

Can I spell it out more clearly?

Get it right or pay dearly.

The environment and all the rest is all one thing.

Do you want to see another Spring?

I’ll say more another day.

Do words make any difference, anyway?

I hope so.

I go.

I would not like to say I told you so.

Tich Ennis

Wednesday, 1st January, 2020