Monthly Archives: February 2019


God only is my judge and there is no God unless I’m very much deceived.

Once I believed.

Possibly I’m having you on, there was a God but he is gone.

Almost nothing is worth anything it seems to me.

Except trees and birds and fish and scenery.

We’re turning the world into a rubbish dump.

It gives me the hump.

What was beautiful is now despoiled.

You should hear me when I’m oiled.

Actually I do believe, I’m that kind of nut.

On that subject my mouth is shut.

Tich Ennis

28th February, 2019


Where there is darkness let me shed light.

Endless night.

There are glimmers of hope, walk by starlight, tightrope.

We don’t want to live on hope alone.

Or moan on the phone.

Give me bread and loaves and fishes.

Grant my wishes.

Find the backdoor out of Hell.

My wishing well.

Does it depend on me?

Wait and see.

Reality is denied everywhere.

Here and there.

The truth is hated.

Fight fire with water, doesn’t that make sense?

Many sit on the fence.

Greed is not what we need.

When there are mouths to feed.

And lives to save.

From an early grave.

What can you do?

Be true.

Do what you can.

Man or woman.

The sorrow and the pity.

In your city.

I end as I began, let there be light.


Tich Ennis

27th February, 2019


God rolled the dice.

May this child not have headlice.

He could be another Mozart, Hitler or Pol Pot.

Random choice is all I’ve got.

God made the Earth, man made the world, all borders, war and misery.

If this child is Hellborn I’ll have a cup of tea.

If he turns out smug, self satisfied, a dope I won’t give up hope.

Throw me a rope.

Tich Ennis

27th February, 2019


God is saving me for something someone said.

I’m not dead.

I postpone the inevitable whatever that might be.

I’m only me.

You’re a better singer than me Elvis Presley.

But you’re dead and I’m not.

I’ll give it all I’ve got.

Time appears to go on forever but that’s an illusion as far as I’m concerned.

In Hell I got my fingers burned.

The bad penny returned.

Tich Ennis

27th February, 2019


Schopenhauer said objectivity is impossible so why should anyone listen to anyone, even me?

That’s if you and Schopenhauer agree.

Is all subjectivity?

It may suit you to say what you say.

Change your mind like Trump every day.

Or Theresa May.

Opinions are gone tomorrow, here today.

When circumstances change I change my mind, not to do so would be blind.

May I assume you have a mind?

Be kind.

Tich Ennis

26th February, 2019


I must have always been.

The universe implied me.

In that sense I always was and will always be.

You may take this personally.

I wish to make explicit what is implicit.

To make things clear.

That’s why I’m here.

I am old, history.

Demystify mystery.

Are you aware I’m there, or here?

The truth is near.

So near and yet so far.

I drink in a bar.

Always is a long time.

May my poem rhyme.

When you die you may be pleasantly surprised.

If things are as surmised.

A caterpillar becomes a butterfly.


I crawl on the Earth in the land of my birth.

Someday I may fly.


I can’t go on forever in a rhyme.

Look at the time!

Tich Ennis

25th February, 2019


The island of Ireland may sink beneath the waves submerging our patriot graves.

Anything may or may not happen, the future is unpredictable.

That is uncontradictable.

Atlantis, did it ever exist?

Is it missed?

Some believe in flying saucers, sorcerers and Harry Potter.

That is as maybe, I am not responsible for the beliefs of others.

Until now we all had mothers.

In a possible future scientists will make babies and cure rabies.

Dream on baby, long live your dream.

Meanwhile politicians scheme.

Cheer up, it could be worse in an alternative universe.

The big bang could go into reverse.

The universe be compressed into the size of a tiny pea, including you and me.

Maybe then it will start again and get it right this time.

We have the future to look forward to, I hope for the sublime.

Some other time.

Tich Ennis

23rd February, 2019