Monthly Archives: June 2019

Vale Of Tears

Can words make any difference in this vale of tears?

I am a man of 78 years.

I have my fears.

A world of tears.

We need a cure.

Of that I’m sure.

I’ve never been so certain.

Before the final curtain.

We need truth and peace and love, we need them now.

It’s a sad world without them anyhow.

So start, start now.

In life, where else, its all we’ve got.

You make a difference, who says not?

There is a flower called forget me not.

Tich Ennis

28th June, 2019

I Speak

I speak but do you listen, do you do?

I can’t be you.

I can’t do it all for you.

I have my life too.

Don’t throw yours away.

That’s all I say.


Be you.

You do it for me too.

And you.

Tich Ennis

28th June, 2019

Long Enough

Is life long enough to read all the good books?

Is every woman fascinating for her looks?

If I read all the time when do I write rhyme?

This snail leaves a track of slime.

Follow and you’ll find me, I am not fast.

How long is life at last?

All is not past.

What do I mean, figure it out.

Sometimes I whisper, sometimes shout.

My aim is to say things clearly.

This time I got it right, or nearly.

Tich Ennis

30th June, 2019


Live in your imagination, bring imagination to life.

If you can imagine anything, even take a wife.

Imagine, plant a tree.

For everyone to see.

If you want to do it do it if if does no one any harm.

Work on a farm.

Be a keeper in a zoo.

They are just like you.

Be a beekeeper.

You are a sleeper.

Dream while you’re awake, make a dream come true.

Be you.

Tich Ennis

27th June, 2019