You’re not supposed to tell the truth, be careful what you say,

you may be killed or left outside, remember that today.

No one wants to hear it, not those in control,

it undermines them, leaves them in a hole.

Think twice before you speak,

the powerful walk on the weak.

Crooks of every type and size

flee from words of the wise.

Speak out clearly, pure and strong.

Truth is the honest song.

Be not self serving, that’s a lie.

Tell the truth before you die.

Is politics a crooked game?

Don’t vote for those who feed off pain.

Here and there and everywhere

crooked laughter fills the air.

Whichever of them puts him first,

you know you’re dealing with the worst.

Haters, liars, killers too,

who you choose is up to you.

On rare occasions one is just,

choose that one, you know you must.

Envy, hatred, pride and brains

will not bring you clean sewer drains.

Stand up, be counted, cast your vote.

Peace is a sinking boat.

Oh honest men and women too

I know you know what to do.

Do not overstate your case,

you get egg on your face.

When nearly everything is wrong

not all is, that’s not my song.

Nor are all, oh some are true.

Maybe, maybe, maybe you.

I am not perfect, I know that.

Have you fed the cat?

People chose Hitler, don’t forget.

Others cried on Stalin’s death.

Millions died and were displaced,

this country too was disgraced.

Children were shot in nineteen sixteen.

Is that grand?

They who kill your mother stalk the land.

Slowly, very slowly truth comes out.

They seek to drown it with a shout.

Folk may be terrorised or act like sheep.

Stay awake, don’t fall asleep.

Who nowadays believes in sin?

Must evil always win?

I leave the choice to you.

I have other things to do.

Should self made mad men rule your world?

David took his sling and hurled.

Once upon a time in a land so far away

peace and justice ruled the day.

I sing in praise of love and truth,

the sadly missed song of my youth.

This started well, with some false ends.

My prayer, may I make amends.

At long last, goodbye to you.

Forgotten words, be true, be true.

Tich Ennis

29th April, 2016