About Me

I feel I am not good enough,

Nobody will like my stuff.

I’m far too simple, anyone can see,

Or perhaps it’s only everyone but me.

Simplicity is scorned in this here world,

David at Goliath a stone hurled.


My name is David, what is yours,

I’d like to know,

Life should be a game of tell and show.

Perhaps if we knew one another

I might become everybody’s brother.

If I were everybody’s brother, then we’d be

All part of a happy family.


Is simplicity stupid,

Or just another name for Cupid?

I don’t much care for commas and fullstops,

Grammarians may take one look and

call the cops.


My lines mostly, but do not always rhyme,

Can anyone be wrong all the time?

They also vary as to length,

But do they carry any strength?


I sing a song of simplicity,

That simplicity may be.

As Connie Francis and, I hope, Carmel sing,

My aim is to bring joy, that one thing.


I sign myself, just one more time,

And once again, in words that rhyme,

Do not strain yourself unduly,

I am, forever, yours truly,

Stupid Cupid.


Tich Ennis

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