I had thoughts of writing something on this topic, in case I do, watch this space.  I would just take the topic as a starting off point, I hope my article would have general application.  Basically on people’s treatment of their fellow human beings, arising out of an organisation called Asiam, here in Ireland, and what they, or their founder, Adam Harris, has to say on the subject.  He suffers from autism.

To write this article would take some work on my part, and why should I say it all over again when someone has said it already?  It just seemed to me to say how people should treat each other, irrespective of whether they are said to suffer from a disease or disability, or whatever.   On my part it would be like reprinting the ten commandments, why should I, they are there for all to see?

Adam’s article is headed ten things you can do for people with autism that won’t cost you a penny.  I may or may not write them here, work is not my best friend.

Number one is Be clear, patient and easy to understand.

Hopefully that is how I write.  And read.  Much is otherwise.  Nor is my work especially addressed to the autistic, why should it be, I don’t categorise people.  That is insulting.

Anyway, if I get around to it I may add the other nine points here.

Speaking for myself, I revisit my blog from time to time, improving my pieces along the lines of Adam’s number one point above, not that I ever heard of Adam or thought much at all about autism until this morning, when he spoke on the radio.

Autism is a symptom.  The disease is other people.  The disease needs curing.  Not the symptom.

When I get around to it, if I do, I will update this blog to some extent.  Apparently this is world autism awareness month.  Did you know?  I didn’t.

The world has many, many ills.  I single out none.  War, rape and famine, have you a cure for those?  Surely enough to be going on with.  More than enough.

I am only one person.  With a blog.  Have I a panacea, a cure all?  Perhaps Adam has.

Check him out.

What are computers for?  What is the internet for?  What are you for?

As I say, more later.  On any and every topic.  When I get around to it.  Which is frequently.  Nor am I the only one of my kind.

Keep looking.  Keep reading.  Keep listening.  You may find answers.  If you don’t, you won’t.  If you care, you do.  If you don’t care, you are the problem.

So, check out Adam Harris.  It’s not just autism.  But the answers are there.  I was impressed.  You may be, too.

Tich Ennis

6th April, 2016

Do I have to read this over before I publish it?  I may revise.