Left And Right

There are two sides to every question, the right side and the wrong side.  Or possibly.  Politically, there are two sides.  More or less in most countries.  Generally speaking.  In democracies anyway, or what passes for democracy.  I leave aside nationalism, that is for the birds.

So, okay, who’s right, the left or the right?  What do I say?  I see good and bad in both points of view.  At best, the right looks after the economy, the left look after the poor.  At worst, the right look after the rich, the left look after state employees.  Whatever is the case, they both look after themselves.

I see good and bad in both left and right.  The economy and society both need to be nurtured, cared for, one depends on the other, they both collapse if either are ignored.  Do you see my point?  May a happy medium be found?

Dictatorships of left or right are unhappy places, history tells us that.  Will humanity do the right thing after it has tried everything else?  As Churchill said about the Americans.  If you go far enough left you come out on the right.  All utopias end in dictatorship.  Is there no hope?  Yes.  I have some.  Therefore there is hope.

Let me get one thing straight.  I have no faith in man, woman or systems.  They are all self serving and corrupt.  They may start out idealistically, unrealistically.  All revolutions evaporate, leaving behind only the slime of their bureaucracy.  Who wants to be run by bureaucrats?  Who loves a bureaucrat?  They don’t even like each other.  I don’t blame them, neither do I.  Like them.

In the civil service anyone who actually works is hated by the others.  That is the case here, everywhere, I expect.  The left hate privatisation because you have to work in private industry, not in state employment.  I have a job but I’m not working, as I heard someone say.  The right hate nationalisation because they don’t own things anymore.  Both sides are motivated by greed for money and power.  Trade unions are capitalists too.  The most money for the least effort, none if possible. The left and right are brothers under the skin.

Have I a solution?  The atom bomb is man’s greatest invention, it will solve all his problems.  No people, no problems.  I won’t go down that road,  suicide is not the answer.  Now, what was the question?  Where have all the flowers gone?  When will they ever learn?  To quote a folk song.  Gone to graveyards, everyone.  The paths of glory lead but to the grave.

Happy ending.

Tich Ennis

6th April, 2016