Try More

Try more than once, when you’ve tried once your job is not done.

Once is not the only one.

Try until you get there, something may turn up.

Keep looking, don’t shut up.

This is my advice, it worked for others, why not you?

Don’t put on only one shoe.

That would never do.

What I say is never give up hope.

You’ll get there, give yourself enough rope.

Otherwise you’re a dope.

Not a has been, a never was, you never tried.

Before your lived you died.

Tich Ennis

Friday, 2nd October, 2020


I have chronic pulmonary congestion, its not fatal, don’t worry.

I will die but not in a hurry.

If I gave up smoking it would cure up but I won’t.

Many things I should do but I don’t.

Some I do reluctantly.

Mr. Go Slow, that’s me.

When the battle between good and evil is won I will consider my work done.

I live for fun.

Tich Ennis

Wednesday, 30th September, 2020

Bible Story

The bible story is very convincing in one respect truth gets crucified.

The Devil lied.

How many times have you noticed this?

A Judas kiss.

Judas in the end committed suicide.

Hopefully the Devil died.

So die all liars and dishonest men.

Here we go again.

You know things are not right.

Turn on the light.

God bless your eyesight.

I won’t go on and on.

Do right not wrong.

Tich Ennis

Monday, 28th September, 2020

My Best Friend

My best friend is dead.

Who can I talk to instead?

I have some various fragmentary friends, will they come around in the end?

Should I cheer up or shut up?

About the loving cup.

Some of my acquaintances are not bad.

Not completely mad.

What do I want from a friend?

A listening ear, consideration and encouragement I suppose.

God knows.

I have on more than one occasion sung a song.

With music you can’t go wrong.

Without a friend must I do everything alone?

Who can I call on the phone?

Ok so some guy just gave me good news, at least he did not say shut up.

The main thing is never give up.

Tich Ennis

Friday, 25th September, 2020

All The Time

I have been here all the time, writing rhyme.

Defeating crime.

My long lost love I speak to you.


I was locked out, lost.

At what cost?

I said before I’m always here.

Drink beer.

Good cheer.

My saviour is here.

In female form, keep warm.

I’m back again, I never went away.

Good day.

I love you.

Be true.

Tich Ennis

Thursday, 24th September, 2020

TV Personality

The life of a TV personality, was it worthwhile?

Could he smile?

What opinion did he have, if any?

Meanwhile he counted his dollar bills, which were many.

He was a middle of the road sort of guy.

Make you cry.

He went along with the mob to keep his job.

Is wasting time a crime?

Big time.

Have we had enough of that stuff?

Celebrating celebrity is not for me.

That’s not my cup of tea.

Common sense, set us free.

The fact that you make big money proves nothing, prostitute.

Up against the wall, I shoot.

Stop playing the game.

You’re all the same.

Tich Ennis

Thursday, 24th September, 2020

Owen Williams

Will Owen Williams be my saviour?

Can I go to jail for good behaviour?

I think not.

More than once people told me they could have me shot.

What have I to give, a lot.

When you have a child wipe off the snot.

I realise I am not James Joyce, but he is dead, make your choice.

My work, will it live on when I am dead?

Read someone else instead.

Apart from words written I also have a voice.

So had John McCormack who beat James Joyce.

Check it out, you will find what I’m talking about.

I may not be the greatest singer who ever was.

Nor Santa Clause.

Still, I’m something to be going on with, God between us and all harm.

I have experience in the funny farm.

If life has not yet driven you mad, listen to my stuff, I hope it makes you glad.

I’ll say it one more time, I write rhyme.

Sometimes poetry.

That’s me.

Owen Williams, I raise a glass to you.

Today the pubs are open too.

You want a spinny around thing, a Garrard 401.

I had one, treat it like a son.

Possibly you may beat my friend down on price.

You will if you follow my advice.

Here’s to a future relationship, is this verse too long?

Console yourself with song.

Music hath charms, I won’t go on.

At long last I say so long.

The future goes on and on.

Tich Ennis

Thursday, 24th September, 2020