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The Devil

Can the Devil ever be reformed at arms length or must we hug him with all our strength?

I don’t know, ask people in Glasgow.

They appear to know.

Tell me, why are people so blind?

Not invented here, never mind.

Attack problems at source, you fool.

Did you go to Eton or some other school?

Who says you know better, you do.

I judge by results, don’t you?

I dislike people killing each other, especially when young.

Meanwhile you read Freud and Jung.

What did Johnston say about an educated fool?

There’s no fool like them, you learned that at school.

So we go to Hell together.

Prepare for bad weather.

If you don’t know what this means its because you’re not thinking.

Watch out, the Titanic is sinking.

Tich Ennis

22nd January, 2019


One Man

One man spoke, he’s only one man, stop clutching at straws.

He does not know laws.

The others said shut up, know your place.

You are a disgrace.

Why speak out of turn, what do you know?

He said I take my turn as on I go.

They said if you don’t shut up we’ll shoot you.

He said, whatever suits you.

He said my turn will come around again.

Watch out then.

Tich Ennis

22nd January, 2019

Divorced Couple

The divorced couple are smiles apart.

Each one nursing a broken heart.

And fractured pride.

Something to hide.

Does he or she not know how great I am?

Do they give a damn?

What a fool I am or was but I would never say that because.

How many times will I make the same mistake again?

Probably many, who’s counting then.

Promises are made to broken says the bitter man.

So says the woman, Jan.

I believed in love, I thought you knew better.

The day is fine, it may turn wetter.

If he or she would do what I tell them everything would be alright.

If that’s how you feel, goodnight.

Tich Ennis

22nd January, 2019


Everything is connected someone said, you are connected to people who are dead.

There are similarities and coincidences, one thing is like another.

That’s how discoveries are made, ask your brother.

Or another.

At the intersection of two planes of thought came everything I bought.

Do you buy DNA, quantum physics and democracy?

You’re a better man than me.

I wait and see.

Not everything is known as we journey into the great unknown.

Call the Oracle on the phone.

Tich Ennis

22nd January, 2019


There are things you’re not supposed to say and do, they are taboo.

Those things change over time, like a poem doesn’t have to rhyme.

They change according to the powers that be and the prevailing orthodoxy.

It is of course all rubbish as you know.

Criticising the wrong people may be fatal here below.

Ideology is codology, let me say it loud and clear.

If you talk rubbish don’t come here.

Tich Ennis

21st January, 2019

The Old Days Again

In the old days cattle were driven through the streets, if you wanted milk you milked a cow.

Were things better then than now?

The streets were covered with manure.

Do you want that on your shoes, are you sure?

Don’t ask about a sewer.

There weren’t any, cholera was rife.

A barber used a surgeon’s knife.

Coming up to date, how are things?

Not so many kings.

Dictators still, they cheat and kill.

No maybe the French are right, the more things change the more they are the same.

In the eternal game.

These days will be old, its coming soon.

Men on the Moon.

Since when has commonsense been common, never if you ask me.

Read history.

The atom bomb is man’s greatest invention someone said, I do not agree, I don’t want all people dead.

No people no problems, I see his point.

Depression depresses me, I’d rather smoke a joint.

Although I don’t, and wont.

Why hallucinate, if things are broke fix them, an impossible task.

Just thought I’d ask.

The truth wears no mask.

Do I talk only to me, it feels like that, its not that bad.

Hopefully I am not mad.

The world or me, I choose reality.

History is interesting, don’t get lost in it.

The biter bit.

Now is here, this is it, live now, do your bit.

That’s life, make the most of it.

I have grown old waiting for a man in a white hat.

Make mine a Stetson, that’s that.

I said to a friend I am writing some longer poems, does that make them more boring, yes he said.

At least I am not dead.

Tich Ennis

21st January, 2019


I thought I would write a poem about B.C., before computers don’t you see.

People talked to each other then by word of mouth,

North and South.

Computers slow them down someone said, then they should throw them out.

I have one myself, I don’t know what I’m on about.

Anything can become an obsession, your treasured possession.

I turn mine off when I go out to save juice.

I am on the loose.

Plastic should never have been invented, isn’t it a pity?

It ruins the sea and the city.

We’ll all be plastic soon the way things are going, fake.

Jeff Bezos is on the make.

Tich Ennis

21st January, 2019