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The rain is, guess what, falling!

Isn’t it appalling?

I was planning on going out.

And about.

Not far.

To a coffee bar.

Maybe I still will.

Climb that hill.

Metaphorically speaking.

Was that a mouse squeaking?

I’m glad my roof is not leaking.

Ought I wear my boots?

Its not that bad, don’t be mad.

Rain brings flower shoots.

And fertilises roots.

Look on the good side.

Put up your hood and hide.


Tich Ennis

3rd November, 2018


I committed perjury twice.

I was not nice.

I did it to keep my job.

Was I a slob?

I suppose it wasn’t very important what I swore.

It made no difference really, it really happened, I could say more.

Do you believe me when I broke my oath?

As requested by a man living in Ratoath.

It went against the grain, made me feel sick.

Browbeaten into a dirty trick.

Smiling the boy fell dead.

I lived on instead.

My employer was a man in the legal profession.

This is my confession.

Later I left that job of my own volition and had fun in another.

I am somebody’s brother.

If I am a saint its of the plaster kind.

Is my soul my mind?

By the way, nice is fake good.

I wish people understood words, I wish they would.

I sailed, I swam, I flied.

Until now I have not died.

My goodness is hypothetical.

I end before becoming anasthetical.

Freud was a fraud, applaud.

Though held in high esteem.

Don’t ask me to interpret your dream.

I was young, not spelled with a J.

If that means nothing to you look the other way.

I met Marianne today.

Finally the end, finis.

That’s me.

Tich Ennis

2nd November, 2018


People respect you more when you’ve achieved.

Achieve fame and be believed.

This truth is not absolute.

Respect a gunman, he may shoot.

People can believe what they want, a person said to me.

I do not agree.

What people say they believe and do believe may be different, you see.

To revert to the matter of respect.

Who is worthy, who correct?

Can you believe anything that is not true, yes, if someone is fooling you.

Then you are a fool too.

I value respect, truth and belief with this proviso.

Some serve only their own ego.

I called this poem Respect.

Was I correct?

I touched on other topics too.

Some may apply to you.

Tich Ennis

1st November, 2018


It does mean now.

A metaphor, a parable, an apple falling from a bough.

In principle it’s the principle of things.

Ask peasants and kings.

The principle applies, get wise.

You must learn to apply.

Apply or die.

That’s life, your story, the story you tell.

Now and forever you sound the bell.

The bell may be cracked, who cracked it, you?

Fix it, fix it, fix it, that’s what to do.

Have I made my meaning clear?

Now is not next year.

Now is here.

Here and now.

Put your hand to the plough.

Tich Ennis

30th October, 2018


Nothing would surprise you now, convention is out the window anyhow.

Moderation appears dead, extremism is here instead.

Mad is sane and sane is mad, bad is good and good is bad.

Or so they say and so they act.

Now there’s no such thing as fact.

Logic and reason are no more, anger rules from shore to shore.

When love is hate and hate is love who believes in God above?

Well not many, that’s for sure, we live on and eat manure.

Lies are truth and truth is lies much to a wise man’s surprise.

What next, will war be declared peace?

Oh sanity, may your tears cease.

Tich Ennis

29th October, 2018


My mind wanders, is it too late to save the Earth?

Its our only planet for what its worth.

Or to bring about world peace.

Starting with the Olympic games in Greece.

Wind back, rewind, what did I say, remind, remind.

So I am old, quite likely losing my mind.

I love scenery and poetry, don’t leave it behind.

Tich Ennis

22nd October, 2018

Testing The Limits

I test the limits of your patience, your toleration.

Meanwhile I live in stagnation.

When young I tested drink and girls and rarely stopped to think.

I lived at the brink.

I rarely drove but sometimes drove people mad.

I miss my mum and dad.

Is God testing my endurance?

I have no life insurance.

Even our house is not insured.

Have I lived or just endured?

The limit of my life has not arrived.

So far I have survived.

Why do I speak so much of I?

I suppose I’ll stop when I die.

Time is my enemy and my friend.

The end.

Tich Ennis

19th October, 2018