Hello, how are you,

This will probably be totally ignored, as I am used to being.  They say not to expect a reply for three months, but which three months?
Ethereally ever evanescent,
I remain,


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Subject: Fwd: Re: Not A Bother – SUBMISSION!!!
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2016 19:01:18 +0100
From: David

Dear People,
This is by way of preamble.  Postamble to follow.  My pen name is Tich Ennis, given name David Ennis.  I write, miscellany style.  Click on below links to sample.  Its easy, a kid could do it. If you like what you see and hear, please contact yours truly,

Tich (David) Ennis, and oblige….

(Message from Paul:)
You can’t. Summarise it instead. Or just tell ’em straight that it’s a miscellany and can’t be synopsised. 

On 23 April 2016 at 15:04 David Ennis  wrote:

They want a synopsis.  How the Hell do you synopsise my work?  It’s not War And Peace.  I note Patricia Deevey likes ‘accessible’.  Fine.  Mine is dip in stuff.  Need I say more?

On 23/04/2016 14:33, David Ennis wrote:


I hate to bother you.  Maybe I’m a masochist, indulging in flagellation.

Anyway, how can my work be categorised?  It’s work, there’s an end to it.  Writing.  That covers it.  Generically poetry, prose, essays, letters, plays, satire and what have you.

These people above seem the most approachable. Not unlike yourself, may I say.  Not too restrictive.

I could suggest they look at my blog and YouTube for further enlightenment.

My track record, I selfpublished a book, Pub Talk, which sold and was enjoyed by ordinary people, otherwise known as the world’s majority.

I could print out all the stuff from my blog, which I did recently to send to a computer illiterate friend.  And send it to them.

Must I do everything myself and for myself?  The Queen doesn’t have to.  Which Queen?  The Queen of Sheba.  She’s pushing up the daisies.

Apparently the above people have various editors or readers for various categories, should I send to them all?  Each and everyone?

The question in paragraph two remains.  Who cares what type of song I sing?

Nothing done by me about publicising my cyberspace data as yet, the spaceship isn’t fully built.  So, virtually no viewers.

What’s wrong with ink and paper?

If you have any thoughts, don’t keep them to yourself.

Yours pluggingly,