Friday, 3rd June, 2016


You may be surprised to receive this missive from me such a short time after my recent more massive missive of only a few short days ago.  A book is enclosed for your perusal, as well as two poems of mine, Hi God and How.  These are for reference purposes only and may be of no use whatever for other purposes except lighting a fire or propping up a wonky table leg.  Be that as it may.

Streets Broad And Narrow, Images Of Vanishing Dublin is the title of the book, as stated on the cover, photographs by Kevin C. Kearns, taken in the seventies.  Bought here in a second hand shop.  Do you want a new second hand for your watch?  This book contains photographs mainly, and requires no explanation from me, however I won’t let that stop me.

The street urchins depicted therein have since become respected members of society such as yourself and myself, to name but two, who shall remain nameless.  If you don’t know your own name what do you know?  The pictures are unfortunately in black and white, so you will have to use your imagination.  Was Dublin monochrome?  You should know, you were there.  And lived to tell the tale.

Memory plays strange tricks.  Was I imagining things or did I see a rainbow?  A spectographic arc containing all the colours of the spectrum, or was I drunk?  Yes, many times, pink elephants to you.  Every zoo should have one.  Do you see the world through rose tinted glasses?  Please wear while looking at this book.  It has pages and a cover, you know the sort of thing.  Put it on your coffee table but don’t spill coffee on it.

Had I time enough and wit enough I might go on forever or however that quotation goes.  You know Shakespeare’s play Hamlet?  Its full of quotations.  To be or not to be, let me see, is a penny worth more than a ha-pen-ee.  I’m sure that’s there, or something very like it.  Enough learned culture.  Are you a culture vulture or only a crow?

From anthropology to zoology, libraries have much to teach us.  Do you ever open a book?  Are you a bibliophile or is that getting personal?  A bibliophile is a book lover, but you knew that.  You know more than is good for you.

I could go on all day, but you have a book to look at.  While looking at the pictures you can pretend to read, to impress others.  To kiss a girl is to make an impression.  Some people collect stamps.  Each to their taste.

Certain hobbies may lead to blindness, or so we were told. Whether looking at books is one of them is for you to find out.

Don’t go blind,


P.S.  I looked up the spelling of zoology and got it right.  I don’t wish to mislead.  What’s an extra oh between friends?