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Love Song

I can’t remember the first line.

I turn water into wine.

I’ll show you sometime.

I do it in rhyme.

Tich Ennis

Saturday, 17th August, 2019



If you’re good at something you like doing it and if you like doing it you do it and get better at it.

Like this bit.

You should do what you like, that’s what life is all about.

For who? Me and you. Its true. Talk, don’t shout.

Get out and about.

Sometimes it’s a struggle.

My doctor is called Buggle.

So what, you may say, who is mine?

I don’t like wine.

Too much of a good thing is bad for you, don’t be obsessive.

That’s not progressive.

Anyway, I like good.

Everybody should

Tich Ennis

1st June, 2019


As far as life is concerned I remain to be disillusioned, I will share my illusion with you.

If its all the same to you.

That things really matter, people getting fatter.

Everything really, including you, me too.

It appears this is an illusion not widely shared.

Will my last words be no one cared?

I care about having a good time, and my choice of wine.

I speak metaphorically, beer for me.

Should I speak up, put up, or shut up?

When young my uncle called me a young pup.

I had a girlfriend but we broke up.

I don’t let things get me down.

I live in Arklow town.

Smile, don’t frown.

I have established beyond verifiable doubt that retirement is not boring because I asked a man who used to work in a shop.

Full stop.

Its better to be doing something than nothing all the same.

Ok life, I’m glad I came.

This poem could go on forever but it will not.

If I stay here in the café forever I will be metaphorically shot.

That’s your lot.

Tich Ennis

10th May, 2019


If you drink coffee in a pub you go out the same way you came in.

That’s an eternal truth, where will I begin?

I like a drink from time to time.

That is no crime.

Would prohibition work, I don’t think so.

To a speakeasy I would go.

In my old age I have settled down with stout.

Do I know what its all about?

I tried more or less everything when young, including liqueur.

Now I would prefer manure.

I don’t like wine but an apple based one I had once was good.

It may not be available here, it should.

I don’t like cider but I would not let it go to waste.

It’s a matter of taste.

I don’t drink to forget nor yet remember.

Is it March or November?

The weather is improving all day long.

Old wine in new bottles is my song.

If you have to ask what that means, go ahead.

By the way I am not dead.

Tich Ennis

10th April, 2019

Be Mine

Be mine, inspirer of all things.

May inspiration come as Saturn’s rings.

May I inspire and inspired be.

Oh inspiration come to me.

When thou art mine oh I am thine.

Forever glass of wine.

May I bring solace and inspire.

Forever ever climbing higher.

As a family, around a fire.

May I bring happiness and love.

Oh peace, where art thou, whitest dove.

Rest on my shoulder, sing your song.

With you I belong.

May I make right from wrong.

This is my prayer, this my plea.

May I forever walk with thee.

This my poem, let it be.

How great thou art, how little me.

I walk in humility.

Tich Ennis

5th November, 2018