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Where is a man with a better brain than me?

I need some help you see.

I mean what the Hell, oh well.

I know what I want but not how to do it, I’m not a bloody expert in everything.

I know almost nothing about some things, how can I know everything?

I could pay someone to do it if I had money, that’s funny.

Experts can be a pain in the arse, someone told me to go somewhere and ask for Mr. Jarse, Hugh Jarse.

I can’t make my website, that’s what I’m saying.

Should I try praying?

Swearing at technology doesn’t make it work but it makes you feel better.

End of letter.

(I apologise for cursing and swearing.

It’s a substitute for caring.

Some man in India and many others have offered help, at a price.

If you want a thing done right do it yourself, that’s my advice.

Einstein’s brain has been preserved.

I am unnerved.)

Tich Ennis

18th June, 2017



I am afraid of learning new things.

Okay, I’m over forty, older than some kings.

A friend said when you get to forty you don’t want to learn anything new.

Has that happened to you?

Einstein made his great discovery before the age of twenty-five.

For the rest of his life he did more or less nothing except say he is alive.

And so also with some other famous men.

When my uncle and aunt were middle aged he said they are two setting suns.

Children are more or less learning machines then they forget everything they ever knew.

I am an old child not knowing what to do.

That friend of mine is eighty-two.

What’s more he still cuts his grass.

I do not, alas.

If you don’t move with the times you’re dead.

I said.

A nephew of mine said when you stop learning its over.

His dog is not called Rover.

Einstein, relatively speaking, was right.

Though not absolutely, I could go on all night.

Scientists keep disproving the last one’s work.

What about me? I shirk.

Its too much like work.

Why doesn’t a man on a white horse come riding by and solve my problems in the wink of an eye?

I suppose I’ll have to do it before I die.

I should mention Goya said he was still learning at the age of ninety-five.

Though not that age I am still alive.

All my faculties are alive and kicking.

When will I stop tricking?

I was not put on Earth to disappoint.

Come priest, anoint.

When I die will I make a wonderful corpse?

People may say, he died waiting for a horse.

Come, pale rider, is the pale rider me?

As Shakespeare said, to be or not to be.

Instead of doing things I write poetry.

That’s me.

I have an awful lot to say.

Some other time, I’ll be on my way.

My mother said if you won’t go to school you’ll have to get a job.

Big nob?

She also asked do I take anything seriously.

Not me.

A cup of tea.

Seriousness is morbidity, morbidity is death.

I’m not there yet.

I lament Tibet.

How about girls with slashes in their jeans at the knees?

Designer poverty, puhleese.

In times like these.

I am God’s misbegotten son.

Not the only one.

Have fun.

Should I say more about why I am so slow?

A snail gets there, you know.

Shell rhymes with Hell.

Self inflicted wounds are hardest to cure.


Roses grow in manure.

Do I mean a word I say?

Oh everything.

Meaning is king.

I mean to say I go.

Words no one wants to hear, I told you so.

Tich Ennis

10th June, 2017



Spoiler alert. No, my website does not exist, except in my fertile imagination. Howandever, the components are being assembled, such as they are. I am making the bricks but have still to serve my time as a bricklayer.

I will have an About clickeroo as is conventional in these matters and have just made the film to go with it. Okay, the text is from my blog, the audio track I ‘laid down’ today. Here, not Sun studios.

This is it:


the real thing.

I call it About Tich Ennis. That’s its working title.

The components are more or less all made. Perfectionism, my sister said, is a sin, it is Hell to be one. A perfectionist. Specially when no one notices. Why, I asked my sister, is perfectionism a sin? She did not know. She fell asleep in class.

I like to know why. I am a whiner. (Pun).

Quite likely this is all you will get until the whole website is up and running. Apart from the odd poem, of course. God only knows (Beach Boys) when my website will appear. The future has been postponed.

They also serve who only sit and wait,

Tich Ennis

24th April, 2017

Rethink 2

Okay, I will use WordPress to design my website when I get around to it.   It offers the most control. What you want, where you want, how you want, who could ask for more?

There is a learning curve. Its not made easy. The easy to use website makers are no way so flexible, each have their advantages and disadvantages, only WordPress has it all.

WordPress does not have a simple way to set up a completely blank page, a tabula rasa, to deal with how you like, although there are ways of more or less complexity to do that. Apart from that, perfect as far as I can see.

Learning the terminology is something of a nightmare, it is anything but wizzywig, what you see is what you get, drag and drop, as the easy to use website makers more or less are. The perfect wizzywig, what you see is what you get drag and drop website maker has yet to be made.

So, the hard way for me. Many famous corporations use WordPress to make their sites, more than half are made using WordPress. You can see why when you go into detail. The Devil is in the detail.

I have assembled links from Google explaining and naming and demonstrating the features of WordPress I would and will use to make my website. So much to learn, so little time. Simplicity, said Leonardo, is the highest form of sophistication. The hardest to achieve. And when done and made, it looks simple. Appearances are deceiving.

My idea is a single page website, or landing page or home page as it is variously called. Simple and easy to use with more or less everything clickable. There are more ways of killing a cat than choking it with butter. Nearly every feature has many methods of achievement, to some extent it is a case of suck it and see while on the learning curve. Explanations not being total or all embracing.

However, everything is editable, replaceable, deletable, so keep going, keep modifying until everything is as envisaged. Easy, as I said in another context, when you know how, impossible otherwise.

Nothing just happens, the thing is to make it look as if it did. If I already knew it would be easy, but I don’t. Occam’s razor, the simplest solution is usually the best. Also, the simplest website.

Here’s to simplicity!

Tich Ennis

22nd April, 2017


The probable is improbable, do we live in a bubble?

Must a rhyme rhyme all the time?

Books are written and cards are played according to probability.

Shall I learn about it in my years of senility?

I’ll wait and see, that’s me.

Probably yes, probably no, I tried it once and won.

What am I, I ask myself, a setting sun?

Once again the sun will rise, all will be made clear.

Do not worry, there’s no hurry, lazybones is here.

Tich Ennis

14th April, 2017


There are many false dawns on the way to Valhalla.

Not every sweet is a marshmallow.

Right now I drink a pint costing four euros.

How I found this place God only knows.

Also, I had a problem which may or may not be about to come right.

I puzzled about it all night.

More or less by accident an answer came.

Please God, more of the same.

Tich Ennis

13th April, 2017

Crap Detector

When my crap detector reaches overload will I choose a different road?

The crap is as high as an elephant’s eye, it reaches from here to the sky.


Crap merchants are all around, peddling crap in sight and sound.

Good stuff is few and far between, sometimes I think it exists only in a dream.

When you talk crap you are crap, get that straight.

Thanks very much for Hell, Heaven can wait.

Poet, peasant, fisherman, must I spell it out?

Do we rely on the benefit of the doubt?

I very nearly said the truth will find you out, why not?

Some people say you should be shot.

Thanks very much for crap, it is not food.

You are to blame for our bad mood.

If things go on this way I’ll make it clear.

Give you a clip on the ear.

I’ve had it up to here.

God, am I only here for the beer?

I don’t want to fall at the last fence.

Pardon me, are we dense?

I turn away, I laugh, I joke.

I spoke.

One more thing. I don’t eat crap, speak crap or write crap.

Who’s the sap?

Tich Ennis

11th April, 2017