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Tich Ennis

21st May, 2018


For The Record





For The Record

(Copy of email sent today 18th May, 2018)

Tich Ennis 
to jive

To:  The Secret Bookshop, Wicklow street, Dublin

tel 01 7079955


Hi Sean,

This is for the record and to introduce myself to you.  I am David (Tich) Ennis, singer and writer.  Thanks for saying you will stock and I hope sell my cd Great Irish Songs which my brother George gave you 5 copies of today.

People from the age of 92 to 20 and all ages in between have said they love it.  I hope you will play it so you can recommend it to people from having heard it.  It is good value at ten euros because it is a full cd of almost exactly 80 minutes with all great ballads and other types of song on board.  A friend of mine who lived in America said Irish Americans would love it.

A couple of questions:

Do you have a website?

Do you also sell by mail order?

My phone number is 087 xxx xx xx and I live in Reality, Seaview avenue, Arklow, Co. Wicklow, a bungalow named by me when my brother and myself moved in about three years ago.  I am originally from Dublin, but that was a long time ago.

The songs on my cd are all out of copyright as far as I can (painstakingly) establish.  Every kind of song there, fun, dancing, drinking, fighting, the whole shebang.  All songs I like, and so do many others.  And a few love songs.  (e.g., I Met Her in the Garden where the Praties Grow).

Joke:  I have a round black thing with a hole in it.   Is this a record?

Blame a disk jockey.

When I am in Dublin, which is infrequently, I will call on you.  My cd is for sale in very few outlets, only yours a cd shop.  A hotel, a computer shop, maybe a book shop in Wicklow town.   Also a second hand book and record shop here in Arklow.

I may appear on East Coast Radio, the Declan Meehan Morning Show, which I did before, when  I self published a book, Pub Talk, in 2014.   That station is heard in Dublin.  If that happens I will give your shop a mention, and let you know.

Okay and thanks again.  The cd is as stated, the songs are all great.  As written on the cover, someone said ‘I could listen to this all day’.

I will plug away at the publicity end.

Keep selling!

David (Tich) Ennis




Sound And Vision

18th May, 2018


Here is the DVD I made as promised along with two audio CD’s called Mainly Instrumental 1 and 2, for ease of reference. With the track lists of same, some dated wrongly as to year of item, but no one’s perfect.

I write this on the 17th but will post to you tomorrow, Friday. George has gone to Dublin today to meet Peter Somers at the Duke Pub in Duke street, where he is to give him a copy of the same DVD, Tich Ennis DVD sample, for his comments. He will probably say I should have brushed my hair. Peter being a visual artist.

The DVD does play on my system, does it play on yours? Mine is attached to a computer, not a TV. I intend giving it or something like it to Tim McDonnell but want to be sure it plays on common or garden DVD players before doing so.

Helena said about the first track, DVD, ‘I hate it’. Probably because I smoke on it, and why not? I do smoke, its part of what I am. Also, on that track I look down at the text on my desk, now I read it off screen or hold the text up next to the screen while reading, as on the other tracks. Cecil B. de Mille was not born in a day, or was he?

The track called Idealism 2 has that name because it had earlier incarnations, slightly differently worded and less well filmed. I now film with the computer against a window so I am bathed (!) in natural light. That hall, our hall, where I film has a large glass window. Its not advisable to record in a glass house. I put a soft cushion in the room and may add another one later, to absorb echo.

Of another track, Envelope, Helena said ‘Beautiful’. You can’t please all the people all the time.   On TV producers reject what they call ‘Talking Heads’ programs. Tough luck. Some are very good. My DVD could be played with the vision off.

I used the free program Burn to make the DVD and iTunes to make the audio CD’s, iTunes is hopeless at making DVD’s. But good at audio. Horses for courses.

The Sun shines in through our front hall window in the morning and our front room window, which is actually at the back of the house, in the afternoon, so we couldn’t be better situated.   These films (movies, videos) I give you here are all on my blog and Facebook and YouTube so if you had a computer you could see them for nothing.

A tenner would come in handy for the audio discs, the DVD is free. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Have you been invited to the wedding? Best wishes, David (Tich) Ennis

Tich Ennis

17th May, 2018


People advertise themselves and receive advertisements in return.

Advertisements are mostly fake, when will they ever learn?

So sell and sell and sell and sell, you can’t bring your money into Hell.

This is the modern world, was it ever thus?

Should I make a fuss?

Here comes my bus.

Tich Ennis

28th March, 2018


The internet can be used for good or ill, uranium can cure, uranium can kill.

Follow my words if you will.

Too much of a good thing is bad, even sunshine kills, who is mad?

Some things are best in small doses, do you want to spend your life online?

Don’t waste time.

Tich Ennis

15th March, 2018