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Far be it from me to mention Mars.

Even further away are stars.

They don’t all have names or if they have them I don’t know.

I have not been introduced here below.

I know one is called North, possibly South, the morning star is somewhere about.

Its strange to think they are always there but can’t be seen in daylight, so there.

We are neighbours in the milky way, I know that for a fact, our galaxy, okay?

I could go on for a light year and a day.

I appear not to have mentioned the Sun.

I have not time to name every one.

I notice I mentioned I a lot.

Am I big in the Cosmos?

Not a jot.

That’s your lot.

Tich Ennis

19th June, 2017



I spin a web of golden threads from the story of my life, of this world, my world, your world, the Moon above, the universe.

I wish to free all that and those from war and want and misery, to free all of us above all else from a fatal curse.

A golden ladder to Heaven’s gate I wish to build, I wish to make, a bridge that all may cross who live under the Sun.

I dream this dream asleep, awake, I dream with every breath I take that all may be one.

Well, not quite, but more or less.

I’m only human, goodnight, God bless.

Tich Ennis

16th June, 2017

My Prayer

What prayer do I pray every day?

May my soul be pure.

Must pain endure?

What price happiness and joy?

Pure gold, no alloy.

For all, for everyone under the Sun.

When may a toy replace a gun?

I’m not the only one.

The only, lonely one.

If I am not good enough will someone else please write my stuff.

If not I’ll have to do.

Second best for you.

Alright, I’ll try.

Until I die.

May perfection be for you and me.

Truth, set us free.

Tich Ennis

2nd June, 2017