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Pushing is a bad idea when the door says pull.

Don’t speak with your mouth full.

In every conversation there is a lull.

Don’t wave a red rag to a bull.

Tich Ennis

Saturday, 5th October, 2019


Biggest Joke

The biggest joke of all is a lie is the truth.

Sometimes tragic, sometimes a dying youth.

Will I speak the truth or will I grandstand?

When young I danced to Bill Haley’s band.

Tich Ennis

Saturday, 3rd August, 2019


What are we supposed to do in this life, the best we can.

What can I do, I’m just a man.

I write words, I speak, I talk, enjoy.

So did I when I was a boy.

A flower is perfect, nature, an animal, are you?

I am far from perfect, who made a zoo?

There’s no such thing as perfection, a taxi man said to me.

What about a flower, what about a tree?

I do my best for all I’m worth.

Do we deserve the present of the Earth?

Tich Ennis

13th June, 2019

Why Jog?

Why do people jog?

Cut a log.

Or walk.

And talk.

Why not walk to school or wherever?

You see more, life is not forever.

Your legs wear out if you don’t use them, so does your tongue.

You are not forever young.

You want something to remember, don’t you?

You will remember nothing if you don’t do.

Who am I to speak?

Ask me next week.

Tich Ennis

18th May, 2019