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Where there is darkness let me shed light.

Endless night.

There are glimmers of hope, walk by starlight, tightrope.

We don’t want to live on hope alone.

Or moan on the phone.

Give me bread and loaves and fishes.

Grant my wishes.

Find the backdoor out of Hell.

My wishing well.

Does it depend on me?

Wait and see.

Reality is denied everywhere.

Here and there.

The truth is hated.

Fight fire with water, doesn’t that make sense?

Many sit on the fence.

Greed is not what we need.

When there are mouths to feed.

And lives to save.

From an early grave.

What can you do?

Be true.

Do what you can.

Man or woman.

The sorrow and the pity.

In your city.

I end as I began, let there be light.


Tich Ennis

27th February, 2019


When tears come unbidden and grief can’t be hidden.

Life goes on, take refuge in a song.

A period of contemplation.  Never again.  Consternation.

It is, it was, it will not be.

Life’s history.

Sadness for what is gone.

Life goes on.

Still, memory is there.

And always will be for those who care.

Memory is in the air.

Tich Ennis

28th July, 2018