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Two Books

20th January, 2017


Here are two books George bought for you in the second-hand shop in Arklow.

Surplus People. From Wicklow to Canada. By Jim Rees, first published in 2000 and reprinted in 2014.

Dun Laoghaire Journal No.19, 2010, from the Dun Laoghaire Borough Historical Society.   With photographs and a drawing.

He bought these in Beat That which sells second-hand books, cd’s and vinyl records and has a good stock and fair prices.

I have some audio cd’s to make for you and will get around to that in the fullness of time.   Then and only then will I send them to you. I work miracles, the impossible takes longer.

I told you yesterday that Mary Dunne said she plays my cd of Irish songs in the car and everyone loves it. Why not tell you again?

I am sending John White details of the players and years of the Dave Brubeck jazz dvd I made for him and sent him last week. Jazz people love details. I just like the music, but not much jazz.

I got two packs of cigarettes on credit last night and will pay for them on Saturday, Sunday or Monday when Eddie is in the shop. He has a notable beard. I am glad to see I am still credit-worthy.

You could go blind reading but that might not be the most pleasurable way.   No porn for you this week, I’ll have to write my own. Don’t forget your A-B-C.   Numbers are more difficult.

I may or may not enclose my letter to John White, that’s for me to know and you to find out.   This tells you more about jazz than you need to know.   Now you take a bass, now we’re getting some place. That’s how jazz music is made.

The real thing is between covers along with this letter. Every gentleman should have a library.   And four acres of woodland. When you meet a gentleman, let me know. d

Tich Ennis



The spirit of the age is one filled with rage.

As a monkey in a cage.

Let me out, let me out they shout.

Its all about.

Here, there and everywhere.

Its in the air.

What happened to love, Heaven’s above?

When push comes to shove.

Hate does not bring us to Heaven’s gate.

Heaven can wait.

We await our fate.

Hell, what is coming, a bomb?

Or kingdom come.

Is it time to return to source?

Of course.

Must I spell it out?

Hell is all about.

I speak in a whisper, not a shout.

Love will find you out.

Tich Ennis

17th December, 2016


9th December, 2016


Here is the recording you asked for, Roger Penrose, physicist, interviewed on BBC Radio Four last month.

Also, two other recordings which may or may not be of interest to you, or even playable.

First, one I call 1955 Rock ‘n’ Roll, approximately an hour long, the first in a series of thirty programs being broadcast by BBC Radio 6 music comprising the best music from the years 1955 to 1979, first on the air in 1980. Also including news and views from the year in question as heard and played at the time. Who wants old news?

Second, a disc in MP3 (compressed) form which may not play on your player, eight one hour programs from a similar series broadcast on BBC Radio Two most recently in 2015. That series, even better than the 1955 sample on the other disc, was of fifty years from 1951 to 2000 and I have them all on my computer. Truly excellent, as many BBC programs are. My opinion for what its worth.

That second disc, which I renamed Pop History, has the shows and years 1951 to 1958, a show per year. I am unclear as to how many hours may fit on an audio disc in compressed (MP3) form, but have those eight hours here, the first eight hours of that series. Otherwise the second disc would be eight discs in audio, standard, form.

The Penrose disc is only 28 minutes long and it is to be hoped we all have more hours and minutes than that left to us. Therefore, these other discs. All work and no play, etcetera.

To another friend I send today far more playing and reading time but he has other interests of no interest to those not interested. I won’t bore you with them, read the papers.

A computer makes an excellent audio recorder to those who know what they’re doing, which I sometimes do. Also, video recorder.

A Kerry teacher’s audio-visual aid:

Do you see this stick and do you hear what I’m saying?

The physical force method of education. Those were the days! And they call them the good old days. I never let my schooling interfere with my education – Mark Twain.

Kindly send ten euros to David Ennis, Reality, Seaview avenue, Arklow. We have to keep the show on the road.

God bless the BBC and all who sail in her,

Tich Ennis




Summer Breeze

I am there and not there, I am in the air.

I care.

I care for music, love and story, nature’s glory.

I care for anything well done.

I care for fun.

These are all for you, me too.

I am in the music, in the trees, in a Summer breeze.

I am in the sky, in the sea, they are in me.

That’s all I have to say today.

I have not gone away.

Tich Ennis

29th November, 2016

I Only Ask

God, come out of Hell.

All is not well.

Liars rule the roost, the truth is traduced.

Hypocrisy has had its day, evil is on the way.

Who shall bear your sword, who speak your word?

Are things as bad as they seem, is this a bad dream?

I prefer ice cream.

Pardon me, I am a joker, not much good at poker.

Shall a smile replace a tear?

We need a good guy around here.

Tich Ennis

22nd November, 2016


Nobody expects it, will it happen?


The world is a mess.

There are words, joy and infinity.

They mean a lot to me.

In fact, the lot.

They’re all I’ve got.

I have not got a lot.

When will they come, if ever?

I am hoping, not never.

Or hardly ever.

Music is a sign.

Do not waste time.

Enjoy what is here to enjoy.

Play with your toy.

This poem is simple.

A baby’s dimple.

Tich Ennis

13th October, 2016


My Mistake

I did not know your heart would break.

It was there for me to take.

Mine? Its more or less fine.

Sorry I ignored you.

I didn’t know what to do.

I had a case of romantic ‘flu.

I thought of you.

And still do.

I am not quite dead.

Would I do instead?

I am hard to put up with.

Would you like me to shut up with?

There are more than one or two of you but what’s a guy to do?

Tich Ennis

13th October, 2016