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I am a creature of my time and place, I have a handsome face.

So a woman said to me as I passed by, who am I to disagree, who am I?

My time is all time that went before and youth and age, do I bore?

My place is here, stick in the mud, I travelled, I have Irish blood.

So there you have it, God’s child speaks, holidays in how many weeks?

So I may have asked at school in endless time, was I a fool?

Time goes faster when you’re old, but I don’t care, my story told.

I am not sure quite what I am.

Frankly, I don’t give a damn.

Clark Gable said that before me in the most popular film in history.

Until Star Wars came along, I saw that too, another song.

I like art of almost every kind.

Simple things are best, I find.

Tich Ennis

10th December, 2017


Cultural Appropriation

Your culture is my culture too, it all belongs to everyone.

You misbegotten son.

If we love it don’t tell us where to shove it.

Nothing and no one beats the originators, can you tell crocodiles from alligators?

Anyway, why the Hell use big words?

Do you realise you are absurd?


Its all good you dope and for sharing.

To be influenced by others is no crime, we are sisters and brothers.

You narrow minded so and so.

You haters belong in Hell, so go!

Tich Ennis

24th November, 2017

Clean Air

Current thinking is that times will change.

Opinions are not facts, a vet cures mange.

The mood of the times may be responsible for many crimes.

Does it matter if you change your mind, no doubt you do it all the time.

Assuming you have a mind of course, can you pick a winning horse?

I know you say there is no right or wrong, do Abba sing or scream a song?

So you say what suits you until someone shoots you.

With your dying breath you say all things must pass.

“May I be buried under imitation grass”.

So when they shot you they were neither right nor wrong nor good nor bad.

Believe what you like even if its mad.

Alright, you’re dead, you’re neither here nor there.

What else is new? Poison in the air.

Should I come out and say it straight?

You deserve your fate.

Tich Ennis

15th November, 2017


The revolt of the young against the old is an old story retold.

You are and were wrong is their never ending song.

We will change things before we’re old like you, die soon, good riddance too.

Students are revolting, is that a joke, sorry I spoke.

If I don’t like what you say shut up, you dictator you, I can be a dictator too.

How dare you say I am like you?

The worst of it is it is true.

Tich Ennis

12th November, 2017

Not Gay

If a man talks to another man it doesn’t mean he’s gay.

He may just want to punch him or say have a nice day.

My brother asked a man what he called his dog he said sod off.

Without an embarassed cough.

A girl at a dance asked a guy his name he said sexy she said that’s an unusual name.

My brother could have said the same.

If a man is friendly to you he may want to bum a cigarette.

I said that to someone I met.

Or he met me while I had a cup of tea.

He went off empty handed that time maybe thinking I’m a swine.

By and large it depends on people’s manner.

Not every mechanic wields a spanner.

A friend of mine was rolled while drunk.

Drunk as a skunk.

People take advantage of the good side of your nature if you have one of those.

Some wear good clothes.

Not all, neither be a cynic nor a fool.

Did you learn anything at school?

I thought I might say something here about the past because I’m old.

Some stories beg to be told.

In the old days we knew how to walk and talk except maybe when leaving the pub at closing time.

History in this rhyme.

I once stepped over six bodies on my short way home.

Here in my native land, not ancient Rome.

Not dead but sleepeth as I read on a tombstone.

While I’m at it may I say how sad it is to defile the good word gay.

Once it meant children at play.

That was another day.

Drink is a good man’s failing as I said somehere, not here.

I know why people go on the beer.

Imperfection gets them down.

So they go on the town.

That’s my theory for what its worth.

Fellow residents of planet Earth.

Tich Ennis

28th October, 2017

Fan Letter

Upheavals everywhere.

Its in the air.

The authorities clamp down.

Freedom is out of town.

Even Fats Domino is down.

If I see eighty-nine will I be free?

And others along with me.

We’ll see.

Blue Monday, Blueberry Hill, I remember them still.

Happiness is not dead, it never goes away.

Its here to stay.

Why look the other way?

We have our music, all the same.

Fats Domino, I’m glad you came.

Tich Ennis

25th October, 2017


Playing hide and seek with God, will I ever find him?

My turn, your turn, my turn again, he’s crying, don’t you mind him.

Blind man’s buff, that other game, find although you’re blind.

Guess who, its you, the other guy, oh no, oh me, oh my.

Tip and tig, an Irish jig, who will be caught out?

Oh God you’re there oh do I care, turn and turn about.

Will you catch me, will I catch you, I’ve had the measles, caught the ‘flu, spent days and nights in bed.

When I play a game I know I am alive not dead.

If you don’t catch me I’ll catch you instead.

Tich Ennis

10th September, 2017