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Its not junk because its old, how old are you?

Its junk because its junk, that’s true.

All junk was new.

Tich Ennis

23rd March, 2018


Am I Wrong?

Is everything alright, is this the way you want things to be?

I don’t mean this verse, the universe and you and me.

Do you see?

If you think so, I’ll go.

I could be crazy or just lazy.

I want to clear up the mess but not if you like things as they are, I confess.

I see myself as the universal dustman, clearing up rubbish, righting wrongs, singing songs.

A garbage disposal operative you might say I am.

I am the little boy with his finger in the dam.

Tich Ennis

6th July, 2017


Why parody the past?

If the past made no sense why point it out?

What about the present?

That’s what its all about.

The truth is simple and profound, simple means easy to understand, profound means it goes on forever.

It is not one or the other, no never.

Both at once, you dunce.

Do not oversimplify you fool before you die.

Nor over complicate, get it straight.

Confusers are all the same, pardon me for calling you a name.

I know your game.

You seeker after fame.

Tich Ennis

5th July, 2017


You can’t depend on the weather in Ireland or anything else at all.

Hear politicians talking, they might as well be talking to the wall.

They make no sense at all.

Ireland is rather small.

Does it punch above its weight in anything or is it fate?

We’re not bad at talking, when will we start walking?

We wrote some books, we sang some songs, we tried to right some wrongs.

Occasionally, once or twice, we get it right.

We emigrate, take flight.

Beannacht De libh, good night.


Another wonderful day, as Beckett said.

Cheer up, you could be dead.

Tich Ennis

30th June, 2017


Quantum Computing

When it comes it comes, if it does.

Who will own it, the big boys because?

Will it serve a good use or let Hell loose?

Well both, I suppose.

Heaven only knows.

All that power, holy hour!

For good or bad or sane or mad.

The uranium atom is more or less the same.

To kill or cure, which is your game?

They are absolutely not the same.

Who to shame or blame?

In whose name?

Yours or mine?

May hearts entwine.

Life is a glass of wine.

Tich Ennis

26th May, 2017

My Wish

I wish to speak the truth and be believed.

Is a tree more beautiful when bare or leaved?

God is truth, it once was said, now it is said that God is dead.

Dictators want you to believe a lie.

If you don’t say yes they make you die.

It is true many don’t believe their eyes, they believe in lies.

Out of the frying pan into the fire.

Kill a king and then expire.

It must be asked, what is belief?

I admire an Autumn leaf.

People believe what suits them or from hate or fear.

That is not belief, come here, come here.

A mother may love her child, that is true.

Why believe anything but the truth, I don’t, do you?

Your truth is what you are and what you do and how and why.

That is no lie.

Must I speak the truth before I die?

I’d say so, but what do I know?

As a child in the playground someone spoke these words to me.

This is part of my history.

You are a poet and you don’t know it, that’s what he said.

I am alive, truth is not dead.

I am no more important or less important than you.

That is true.

I go out to drink coffee and smoke.

I enjoy a joke.

I’m not sorry I spoke.

Tich Ennis

15th May, 2017

Why At Gunpoint?

Must people be forced at gunpoint to be good?

Be as they should?

To cooperate and all that stuff?

I’ve had enough!

To live for each other and all around.

To make music without a sound.

How about by choice, their own choosing?

No one losing.

Force is cruel, heartless, not the way.

Freedom or nothing I say.

Tich Ennis

8th May, 2017