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Talk 1000

Me: Of the religions I know about, which are not much, Hinduism seems the most down to Earth and practical.

Michael: That’s what I think too.

Me: 80 per cent of it is about everyday things like getting on with people and doing a good job.

If religion is not about everyday life what is it about?

Michael: Nothing.

Tich Ennis

Tuesday, 4th August, 2020


Who needs television when its mostly junk?

What, to see Clint Eastwood shoot a punk?

Marx said religion is the opium of the people, now is it TV?

It looks like that to me.

Or, worse still, the internet, the modern waste of time.

The dark web is made for crime.

Not everything is rubbish, crap or shite.

I say that to myself at night.

Teenagers are forgetting how to talk.

Babies are sedated before they walk.

Superficiality and fake is everywhere.

Breathe fresh air.

While its there.

Technology is your friend when not your master.

Choosing slavery leads to disaster.

Addicts are pitiful people, break the habit.

You are a person, not a rabbit.

You were born to be free.

Like me.

Some people who like my stuff seem around the bend.

Still, I am your friend.

Tich Ennis

28th May, 2019


Most Muslims are not bombers nor would they ever be.

Jack the Ripper is history.

Why judge people by their worst, many haters are white.

And every other colour too, good night.

Whoever you are, whatever colour, maybe someone hates you.

And loves you too.

Are haters a minority or majority, I say the worst are few.

Don’t let them mislead you.

Don’t let bullies take control.

Would world war satisfy your soul?

Most people don’t want other people telling them what to do.

Would you?

Religions claim to be of peace and love.

When, Heaven above?

What about now?

It matters to me anyhow.

Tich Ennis

18th April, 2019

A Thought

A thought occurred to me and then was gone.

Should I go on and on?

Must I write everything I say and think?

I need to eat and drink.

I am not a Buddhist, more or less.

Their religion makes a lot of sense I confess.

Yes, I believe in equality and all those things.

Do kings?

Basically, don’t ask me, I don’t know.

Go with the flow.

If I could make things better I would.

How? By being good.

And understood.

Understanding for all.

That’s all.

I usually run my poems by my brother.

I’ll write another.

Someday, sometime.

Another rhyme.

Tich Ennis

10th February, 2019


So Einstein didn’t believe in God, well he didn’t believe in quantum physics either.

I could say but won’t I believe in neither.

Is a person defined by their belief and what is belief anyway?

Is it a question of gone tomorrow here today?

Beliefs change as you get older, what makes you certain you are right?

Do you follow the herd, believe a word, or an illumination late at night?

I believe in love and laughter, don’t know about happy ever after.

Most people know they don’t know everything, that must have been true even of Einstein.

I have yet to see a man turn water into wine.

Tich Ennis

5th December, 2018

The EU

The EU seemed like a good idea at the time.

Possibly so did the Soviet Union, Stalin’s crime.

The idea was that we would all agree.

Hypothetically good, the rest is history.

Nationalism, religion and ethnicity have a lot to answer for.


The big dictator, me.

Look at the war between he and she.

Will a better idea ever come along?

Who believes in right and wrong?

Tich Ennis

10th November, 2018


I wouldn’t be seen dead in a shroud.

Whisper it aloud.

No one has ever come back to say what its like on the other side, people who died.

Explain that, religious freaks, of whatever persuasion.

I will explain it now on this occasion.

No, I am not dead.

I am alive instead.

Firstly, if you don’t understand quantum mechanics my explanation will be beyond you, over your head.

Okay, you don’t, I’ll say something else instead.

Count to infinity and you’re half way there.

Eternity is everywhere.

If Heaven is above your head try Hell instead.

You know you’re dead when you look in the mirror and see nothing there.

Only air.

Why do skulls grin?

Where will I begin?

Do they see the joke?

Sorry I spoke.

Okay, you then, be the first.

Come back and tell us the worst.

Or best, as the case may be.

Say it on TV.

Tich Ennis

8th November, 2018


I committed perjury twice.

I was not nice.

I did it to keep my job.

Was I a slob?

I suppose it wasn’t very important what I swore.

It made no difference really, it really happened, I could say more.

Do you believe me when I broke my oath?

As requested by a man living in Ratoath.

It went against the grain, made me feel sick.

Browbeaten into a dirty trick.

Smiling the boy fell dead.

I lived on instead.

My employer was a man in the legal profession.

This is my confession.

Later I left that job of my own volition and had fun in another.

I am somebody’s brother.

If I am a saint its of the plaster kind.

Is my soul my mind?

By the way, nice is fake good.

I wish people understood words, I wish they would.

I sailed, I swam, I flied.

Until now I have not died.

My goodness is hypothetical.

I end before becoming anasthetical.

Freud was a fraud, applaud.

Though held in high esteem.

Don’t ask me to interpret your dream.

I was young, not spelled with a J.

If that means nothing to you look the other way.

I met Marianne today.

Finally the end, finis.

That’s me.

Tich Ennis

2nd November, 2018

Jew Murder

Why? Anne Frank, must you die?

Christ too was a Jew.

That’s telling you.

May we die of natural causes.

Moses made lawses.

Said to come from someone else, believe it or not.

Life is all you’ve got.

Do not preach hate, don’t normalise.

May we realise.

Hatred kills the killer too.

I speak to you.

Oh bitter heart, let love start.

You may be reluctant to swallow a tablet, a pill.

The purpose is to cure, not kill.

Said someone on a hill.

A line to stop people in their tracks.

Don’t shoot people in their backs.

Tich Ennis

28th October, 2018


Concepts are converging and yet they drive us apart.

I am an organism, brain, lungs and heart.

When shall religion and mathematics, philosophy and art realise they are one thing, each a tiny part.

When we come together, flying on love’s dart.

Begin before you start.

Science, learn from art.

Consensus, you are my apple tart.

Brain, learn from heart.

You may be a better poet than me.

When may we agree?

The truth lies in poetry.

Tich Ennis

24th October, 2018