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Am I destined to be broke and poor?

I can endure.

Having nothing means you can’t be robbed.

I never double-jobbed.

I speak the truth for what its worth.

Everything on Earth.

I have a theory if you’re not a bit mad you are not sane.

Psychiatrists may complain.

In vain.

Poverty is my lot or little.

Old bones are brittle.

If I change the subject from time to time does that spoil a rhyme?

Answer me if you have time.

Tich Ennis

11th July, 2019

The World

The world is getting madder by the minute and I’m in it.

My best friend is dead, I talk to you instead.

How to drive the world sane, by bus or plane?

Madness is obviously catching, I caught it a bit there just now.

Is there a psychiatrist in the house anyhow?

Just what is driving the world mad, can we not stand each other?

How dare you think differently from me even if you are my brother?

What is a madman’s ultimate cure?

Mutual annihilation to be sure.

That cure is worse than the disease.

DDT kills not only fleas.

If you want to be mad, go ahead.

In the long run we’re all dead.

The long run could be sooner than we think.

Some turn to drink.

Friendliness and cooperation seem to me better than war.

I think, that’s what I think my brain is for.

Ok, there may not be war, we just live at daggers drawn.

In mutual hostility before the dawn.

One thing, I am Irish and when everyone else goes madder it makes Ireland appear relatively sane.

Should I complain?

Tich Ennis

23rd April, 2019

Marriage Counsellor

A marriage counsellor of my acquaintance was divorced.

She should have become a divorce counsellor, of course.

Would you trust a sick doctor or a bankrupt financial advisor?

If you consult a jailed lawyer will you be any the wiser?

Have you met a mad psychiatrist, don’t say there aren’t any.

They all want your penny.

Tich Ennis

13th March, 2019


A man went berserk when he read the paper.

What are they up to now, what is their caper?

The daily headlines made him sick.

Was he or was he not thick?

His loving wife feared for his life.

She feared he might get a heart attack.

If he died he would not come back.

She went to a psychiatrist and whispered in his ear.

He said send him here.

Madness is not funny when its you.

I do enjoy an Irish stew.

The story has a happy ending.

The man needed mending.

Other people’s madness should not bother you.

Say to yourself its juvenile to go mad at what other people do.

That will be a hundred guineas, pay on your way out.

There’s a lot of it about.

I did not use the word apoplectic.

Nor dyspeptic.

Tich Ennis

6th March, 2019


Only a pedant would criticise a spelling error.

So I misspelled reign of terror.

Who are you to criticise, can you spell potato?

A U.S. presidential hopeful could not, you know.

I can spell, even a word like psychiatrist.

Sometimes I have to think a bit, I shot, I missed.

Must I be right about everything, are you?

At least I know what things mean, homonyms too.

Tich Ennis

29th January, 2019